Sports Fans = Morons

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, May 13, 2003.

  1. hehe, nothing like a good generalisation to kick of a debate. :p
  2. While I don't think sports fans are moronic, I do think sports are somewhat moronic. But I guess people like what they like. Not me though! Me + Sports= bad mix.

  3. hehe i usually dont even try for you are the debate king, but
    sports, ahh it gives some people sumthin to do. :D

  4. Maybe we could start the sport of internet debate?

    And of course, in memory of Amanita.......(where'd she get off to?)

    "Arguing on the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

  5. aw comon gurl, ya gotta give me more than that to work on ;)


    gives them something to take their mind of subverting the system or just being a nuisance.


    debate king? really? cool. thnx for the compliment. :)
    but if everyones veiws arent expressed its hardly fair.
    you dont speak up nearly enough (just my humble opinion) cos you got a mind on you watha, and you should use it more.

  6. fucking good question btw.
  7. k, heres the deal i was too lazy to kid i played softball,now that wouldnt make me fan. but watchin My kids play sports and baseball, maybe even watchin the little league world series,hehe spose makes me a fan. theres a huge generalization a fan is one thing a "fan"atic is another.
    and thank you for the compliment.
    im sooooo keeping out my topic changer black man generalization
  8. yeah, i think i kinda had the fanatics in mind when i blurted out that generalisation as a topic title. to be solely obssesive about a sport seems to me to be the moronic thing.
  9. then in that case....
    its both an escape from their lives and it gives all the troublemakers a place to congregate. :D

  10. Im almost afraid to dip my toe in that pool!
  11. i peed in the pool.
  12. I laughed my ass off when i seen this topic cause i pictured 1000 drunken rednecks in the streets rioting cause their team won haha

    Yeah sports fans are morons.

    The true "fans" that i know are complete idiots, one night my neigbor threw his tv through the window off the 2nd floor cause his team fucked somethin up, it was pretty funny actually.

    I'm a fan of some sports, but they're niche' sports and i participate in 'em, but when i think sports fan i think of glass and electroniocs crashing down in the middle of the alley, soccer hooligans rioting and shizz, and nascar fans, haha, they're some funny shit, maaaan,.

  13. how about sports that involve cabbages and donkeys?
  14. ^^^gold medal masterbator
  15. what constitutes a sport? does it require the use of balls? Does this make mastrubation a sport? so many questions, so little time! ME OH MY!

  16. HAHAHAHA...ROFLMAO, NuBBin, you crack me up :D
  17. Digs, when you mean fanatics do you mean the people who are majorly into certain sports cos they really enjoy them and that's it or do you mean people who will start fights over their football teams?

    Personally I would never start a fight over martial arts, apart from in competitions that's the point... damn crazy fool I am... But I do enjoy that shit.

  18. lmao!!:D

  19. yeah people who start fights over it are morons, but fight starting isnt the defining point. I've known people who's entire life revolved around their fave sport and their team, and although they were not violent, i still considered them morons.

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