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  1. For those mary lovers around the world that find nothing better than a nice bowl pack right before match time. Or those xtreme sports nuts who need a little green to chill them out before a ripping a dope a hill. And even the arm chair quater-backs with their fat bong rips that keep them glued to couch for every minute of the game. Yup Grasscity needs a sports thread.
  2. Amen brother, quite a few people have requested it and lobbied the idea.. but it seems to just fall on deaf ears... it seems like the staff here is pretty happy with how the site looks and doesnt like the idea of adding a forum.

    My idea was for a subforum, which i think is wayy more feasible than adding another forum to the main index.

    We'll see what happens over time. If more and more people keep asking, hopefully they will cave and hook it up for us.
  3. Kingpins, it didn't fall on deaf ears. I'm actually going to be looking over all of the recent suggestions to see what can be added, changed, removed, etc... :)
  4. I will stand by my idea of an arcade that I originated until the day I die!!! RMJL knows this though. It's kind of like petty candy for me. It gives me something to look forward to until I die.
  5. AHH!

    Nice i love this board. I am watching college football tonight blazed!!!
  6. Awesome. I truly hope we can get atleast a subforum.

    Its a site that me and a buddy made, its a BB but we are under construction.

    Peep the arcade, we have a little over 100 games.
  7. ^^ Will do, I'm always looking for some good games. But H3 kind of has me on locks now. Going to try to win some money in H3, almost good enough to go pro.
  8. Damn man, i still havent played Halo 3.. none of my friends have a 360 cept me.. and I put my money into getting Madden 08 and Juiced 2.
  9. Damn, Madden 08 is next on my list. The campaign is pretty sick on H3, and I hate campaign, I only play online...because I'm gonna try to go pro in H3 and make some cash. There used to be a member on this forum who was pro at Halo 2 and made a lot of money... but his sponsers switched to getting an co-sponsor by D.A.R.E., the anti-drug campaign, and him and his brother quit. They were on the same team .

  10. You mean, something like This? :D
  11. Why yes, something like that :)
  12. I'm bumping this thread. I think a sports subforum would be useful, look how many sports related topics there are in General right now.

    Oh, and an arcade would be incredible. :)
  13. Paintball is beast when ripped.

  14. I think RMJL is helping us out.
  15. weird

    I was actually thinking about this on the way home tonight. F'n City. I can't ever get away from it. :p

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