Spore=Art? Maybe.

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  1. As many of you know, Spore comes out next month, but they released The Creature Creator to populate the universe with.
    As a result, many people have been testing their creative limits in this game.

    I created The Great Deku Tree from The Legend of Zelda (the best game in the world).

    Watch him out here!

    Rate him here!

    Yeah, I want him to become featured... so what?

    Oh and if the mods feel that this should be somewhere else... could you please move it there so I don't have to redo it all? I know sometimes misplaced threads get deleted... so I thought I'd throw that out there.
  2. Wow, you did such a good job. hahah this got to be one of the coolest spores i've seen! :)
  3. Thank you! He was a lot of fun~! ^__^
  4. I'd rate you high just because it's a LoZ character. But that's actually a really good Spore creation. Uber high rating!
  5. Thanks ^__^
    I love LoZ too~!
    Have you seen pikminlink cosplay as Link from Twilight Princess? OMG hes like the best Link ever!
  6. That's pretty good. I usually make critters from D&D, but never thought of LoZ. I think I'ma try to make Queen Ghoma later.
  7. Yeah totally! I want to try many of the characters/monsters from the zelda series, if anything just to keep the familiarity with the spore creator so I'm prepared for my own creatures when I'm inspired.
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    woo! OoT! damn right best game of all time!!. Youre spore looks crazy good too! wish they would have made the deku tree look like that in wind waker... he looked stupid with his jay leno chin and human like face...

    you should try a ghoma next ;) i made a clay figurine of the queen ghoma, or atleast my rendition of it but have yet to finish it :/

    blutteufel beat me too it...
  9. Lol Ghoma seems to be a popular idea. I've been researching the Zoras and thinking of a good sort of "spinoff" that I could make that would keep in "style" with what I've done.

    The windwaker's version of The Great Deku Tree was interesting... He kinda looked similar to the Baby Deku Tree that sprouts in OoT.
  10. hah spore is so awesome :p

    I'm getting it when it comes out 1st day!
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