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  1. Anyone ever listen to that band...Spoon.. weird name if you think about it. but I heard one of their songs in Jason Dills part in th Habitat mosaic skate video. They have a bunch of good songs and all their albums are pretty chill and cool to listen to stoned.

    (song is "The Way We Get By")



  2. The Way We Get By is the only song I've heard, but it's pretty chillin' for sure...I think I'll check out some more stuff now, actually.
  3. +rep, great songs
  4. i found these guys a couple months ago. good sound i love listening to them high

    my fav is prolly the way we get by but i also like i turn my camera on. has a unique sound that i like :smoking:
  5. "I Summon You" is probably my favorite right now. I like the cool acoustic vibe.

    It was in this one episode of Scrubs. They always play some cool and unique music.

  6. I love Spoon. My favorite song is "Don't You Evah"
  7. I've been listening to spoon for a couple years at least, started with Gimme Fiction album..

    they are pretty good, but to really great though. they have a beatles-esque quality to them which is why I like them, but they don't pull it off as well as the beatles of course.

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