Spoon vs sherlock vs whatever?

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  1. I'm considering the merits of getting a spoon or sherlock hand pipe, basically just something without water filtration that delivers medium size hits, and I'm wondering how smooth a spoon vs sherlock is. Like what kinds of handpipes are the smoothest? What kind of characteristics would I be looking for in a spoon or sherlock to make it smooth and hit well
  2. Bigger= smoother. Don't believe anything with "swirling technology" or something similar, because the difference is minuscule and they charge ridiculous prices for stuff like that. The more area the smoke has to cool down in, the smoother the hit'll be. You know, basically.
  3. Thanks man thats about what i figured. any shape in particular thats super effective? I'm buying off etsy
  4. honestly i disagree on the larger=smoother thing, to me, larger=more stale... i have a 3'' and a 5'' and i honestly enjoy my 3'' more than the 5. as for hit size, i manage to pull similar sized hits between them. the only diff is my 3'' is a fresh hit every time.
  5. my theory behind the stale-ing smoke, is just that between hits, larger pieces have a tendancy to leave a little smoke in them, even after clearing, prob from the bowl burning
  6. I've always preferred Sherlock pipes. The swirl design does smoothen the hit and am able to get good sized hits. Tried spoon ones and think they're harsher. Sherlock pipes aren't even that expensive; same price pretty much. They look cooler too :cool:

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