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    Hello guys,
    today my new spoon pipe has arrived. I'm really satisfied with it. But there is one problem:
    I found an air bubble inside of the glas near the "head" of the pipe.
    Could that be a reason for a replacement? (i shipped from far away)
    Its not the look that disturbs me the most, but it seems to me that the glas between the air bubble and the surface of the pipe is really really thin.. so i was thinking that it may break easily.
    Does any of you guys got the same "problem" with a glass piece?
    Most important: Is it actually a real problem concerning the durability? According to the producer it's made off borosilicate glass
    Will it withstand boiling water when I clean it?
    btw: You dont feel anything if you slide with you finger over it ... but it looks pretty big to me.
    I attached a photo for you guys so you can see yourself.
    Kind Regards


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  2. Not a problem at all, it'll work just fine and not break.
  3. I'm not sure why you'd need to use boiling hot water to clean it. Just get some ISO alcohol, salt, and q tips.

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