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spoon/bubbler and grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zmcr32, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. whats up GC, i was think about getting a either a spoon or a bubbler but i'm not sure which one. which do you recommend and how much will i have to spend for a good one?

    also, what are the best grinders out there? something that can seperate the keif and the stems and isn't too expensive.
  2. The stems you should just take out.....kief....go for anything with a screen.
    As to which ones to get...just take a look at your local headshop...and ask them what they suggest.
  3. Im never impressed with bub's/spoons anymore. Bub's more so.

    Thangs such a bitch to clean main. And after a week of smokin they get clogged in spots unimanginable to clean.

    I know this is jus me and many people disagree but thats my opinion.

    But shit i got a nice grinder from a tobbaco shop, $18 out the door with a grinder section, And a holder section for the weed with the kief section underneith.
  4. Grinder? Sharpstones and Space Case's are pretty popular, cheap too, look for them on ebay. 4 piece grinders are the best IMO.
    If you want a thick glas spoon or at least a decent one i would say 20-30 dollars, or more depending on how nice it is.
    bubblers, there are a few different kinds of bubblers to choose from, if you want something nice have about $50 saved for one.

    Also, are you planning to buy from a local shop or order online? just wondering...

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