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Spoon Bowl or Bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SublimeFTW420, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. I have enough money to buy my own bowl or bubbler but i dont know which is better ,, sure a bubbler makes the smoke less harsh but bowls would be easier to clean the resin

    Can i get some pros and cons of each
  2. I would go with the spoon just cause.
  3. I would get the spoon if your looking for something you can easily take around
  4. I personally love bubblers. They usually hit smoothly, and they're generally fun to smoke out of. The only big con about them is the fact that they need water, so they're not very good on the go. If you have a place to smoke at home, and plan to smoke with your new piece there, go for the bub. But if you would be smoking on the go a lot, then a spoon is definitely the piece for you.
  5. You can't hit a bubbler dry?
    I always thought you could :confused_2:
  6. I would go with the bubbler easily.

    Bubbler pros:
    Gets you a lot higher with my experiences.
    Can fill with water and can also be used without water
    Hits smoother
    Sounds like a bong when hitting

    Bubbler cons:
    Hard to clean

    Spoon pros:
    Very stealthy
    Usually have big bowls

    Spoon cons:
    Gets boring fast
    Get really hot when smoking

    Hope that helps!
  7. You can definitly hit a bubbler with no water.

    I'd suggest a good ole glass spoon, with a small bowl hole so that it's not too easy to suck ash through.
    Honestly if you want water filtration in a small package, just get a small mini bong, it would be about the same price as a bubbler and a whole lot easier to clean and maintain.
    Remember that you can talk down the price[haggle] at any shop.
  8. Bubbler:smoking: spoon its really practical but it will get you bored belive me
  9. Yeah thanks everyone i was just making sure my choice was the best because i saw the nicest sherlock bubbler at a headshop for $30 and i jizzed but they had $27 bowls so i dint know:wave:
  10. may the force be with you

  11. alrright. :smoking:
  12. I have a real nice little bubbler. I love it. I toke in the car, in the forest, in houses, in bathrooms, on patios, in parks, in backyards, in my room, all over the place - and have never found bringing water along inconvenient. I just carry a water bottle and fill the bubbler right before I pack/smoke it!

    Spoons are boring, everyone has them, but they are also very very easy to use.

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