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Spoon and vagina.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chronicman00, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. No I dont. Whats a hag?
  2. thats some wild shit. i mean ive heard ppl sayin some pieces look like a dick but that chick musta gotten ideas. and idk what her deal is but thats not some shit u bring up in a random conversation.
  3. Yeah, I was wondering why the fuck a kitchen spoon would smell like bong water after being washed. And really couldn't figure out how sticking some 7 inch spoon into your vagina would feel good.
  4. " i was like :hide:" hahaha thats the best part! DIPSET!!!! ahah for real clean that shit. Hit it with a load of iso and salt.
  5. lol I really dont understand how you guys thought it was a kitchen spoon. I said that her bf left his spoon at her house. Like really who carries a kitchen spoon around with them and leaves it at someones house? and WHY would someone carry a kitchen spoon?!?:p
  6. Tell her this:

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  7. I need to say, you should have def. told him the story she told you and make sure he doesn't smoke out of it. even if he spends his nights eating at that diner (vagina) for those of you who can't understand what a spoon or bowl is
  8. ahaha
    man this is one story to go down in history:p
  9. Don't you think she would have cleaned it out before sticking it in her cooter?
  10. If your lookin to see some girl fuckin herself with a pipe im sure its on the internet.:p
  11. I wonder if she got any resin in her snatch.
  12. she should learn how to hit a bong with that shit
  13. I know, that's exactly what I was asking myself until I put it together.

  14. It's not like anything would survive liberal amounts of 98% iso your choice of abrasive like salt or rice.

  15. Fuck that dude... do you swing the other way or some shit? I would have unzipped my pants and been like I got a spoon for j00 right here bia-bia! jp :p
  16. Hahaha That is the funniest sh1t ive heard all day.

  17. Right who does that.

  18. aha.....if a girl i was with said "hey wanna smoke? i got this bong, but instead of puttin water in it u stick it in my pussy"......i would probably piss myself laughin.....but then, :bongin:....maybe

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