spontaneous human combustion

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  1. there's a special about it on right now, but i was wondering how the religious view it as well as the atheists. i can't form an idea about it myself, being that it's just so strange, but some of you guys have some good theories, so let's hear them.
  2. You tend to find its sedentary overweight smokers ^^
    I believe in the candle wick effect.
    They drop a little hot rock on themselves and fall asleep,
    There clothes burn the fumes from this is what stops them from waking up.
    Before long it starts to burn their fat, which acts just like a candle.
    Fat is basically tallow.
    This i think is why most are only partially burned leaving the lower limbs intact.
    I havent seen any recorded cases that were outside of the home,
    Or underweight people.
    But if anyone has let me know.
    Just my theory any others?
    The scientific approach ^^
  3. ha, that's pretty much what the show said. there was another guy who had an interesting theory to one case. suggested that a shell the woman put in her pocket had sulfur residue on it left over from fireworks that were found on the beach. when combined with moisture, it heats up, and possibly set fire to the pants she was wearing. however, it's a lot cooler to say her leg exploded.
  4. Well I remember my really good buddy who suddenly spontaneous combust :(

    He was sitting on the toilet, doing no harm, reading the newspaper, all I heard was Fwrrrr- BOOM. His poor little legs were just standing there, perfectly balanced.
  5. I honestly am clueless. But I remember seeing a special on it a while back, where this woman was completely incinerated except for her legs. Not like, third degree burns. The bitch turned to ash. I dont remember the details of what happened, but the picture of an ash-pile with legs is perma-stuck in my brain.
  6. holy shit did that really happen!? that girl must've been sweating like a whore in a church every weekend for that to happen to her:eek:

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