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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by snowuninc, May 7, 2006.

  1. sup city, so I've started my first grow. This was unplanned and not how i pictured my first grow to be like but whateva. i just bought the 20 watt CFL a few hours ago and the two seedlings are responding nicely to it after just having afternoon window sunshine. my plan is to let these plants grow till Wedsneday and then they will be planted outdoors and will NOT be tended to at all, nature will take its course. im at school right now and leaving at the end of the week, so when i come back in the fall i will have two nice plants waiting for me, im being optimistic.



  2. Well, you'd want a lot more than a 20W CFL if you were growing indoors, but for a few days you'll be fine.

    Good luck. If you can you should visit them around august, to see if one of them is a male. If it is you will need to remove it.
  3. good luck, but you should read a lot first..........to try to give them the best chance, at least plant them in a kinda sunny spot, not too shaded, and on a slight slope..........and good luck,your gonna need it with no care........Peace out.......Sid
  4. well I have a spot picked out. its secluded and prolly gets 7 hours of DIRECT sun light a day. the area is kind of wet, like the soil is somewhat of a wetland but nothing like a swamp or anything. ive been doing alot of reaading on growing but for indoor grows im wondering when i can expect flowering to satrt happening and when the buds would be done by. its in vermont by the way
  5. it'll need more than 7 hours a day..........more like 13+ sun comes up here at about 4.30am and goes down at say about 8pm and i'm way up in the northern hemosphere..........are you sure on the light times?..........Peace out.........Sid

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