Spongebob Squarepants Movie!

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. haha man thats gonna be a sweetass movie, cant wait to see dat shiznit.
  2. Oh shit! A movie! Thats what ive been waiting for, finally a full movie of spongebob, ill have to get a copy of that if its not out in the Uk in november. Hahah good stoned times.
  3. dude, this made me remember the time i watched the episode where they go back in time to the caveman time. the were speakin some giberish and i thought i forgot how to speak english cuz i couldn't understand them, i was stoned at the time.

    my high's wearing off right now and i suddenly got the giggles, haha
  4. man... screw spongebob .... i wish Hanna-Barbera was still around ...they made some kickass toons.....

  5. You're nuts Spongebob kicks ass, especially Gary. I did like some of those hanna-barbera cartoons though. Harvey Birdman was a good one.

  6. ahhh the GREAT old days......*sighs*
  7. haha yo watch the trailer his house looks like a pineapple bong...there's that chimney thing that comes out the side that looks like a bowl. and underwater they always have bubbles everywhere. hot stuff
  8. hahaha lmao spongebob is comming to this mall like 15min away from my house... i dunno should i meet him???
  9. ^only if its the real spongebob, not some impersonater in a suit.

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