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Spoke with a group of Colorado Springs officers today

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kjasdasi, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I was walking through my new home city Colorado Springs to get some groceries, and I was in the middle of telling a friend (over the phone) how I wanted to start growing again, but that I'd want to find a clone from someone in town *wink*. Much to my surprise I said is AS I WALKED PASSED A GROUP OF COPS that were apparently having lunch on an outside patio, dressed in big fat coats. One of them shouted to me, so I quickly hung up the phone, and was clearly freaked the hell out. I began walking towards them, when all of the other cops starting laughing, and the one who had yelled (I think he's name was Brady) told me to loosen up and he just wanted to talk. Having seen enough bad cops on Youtube I was still very cautious. He offered me an open seat, and for some reason I took it.

    He told me he had listened to enough of my conversation to tell I was planning to 'purchase' a clone from someone in town, if the situation presented itself. "You know, you can't buy pot, you can't buy seeds, you can't buy shit in my state related to weed, unless it's from a goddamn store, with a card that has our face and a green +" Too bad you'll to wait til next year, boy.
    I was thrown back by his statement, because at first it seemed like he was going to ream me for wanting to grow, but in fact it was the opposite. I'll continue with my best explanation of the conversation.

    Me: Umm okay, but you know I was just joking with my friend, I'm too lazy to grow.
    Brady: Damn dude, relax. You used the word lazy, now act like it! (everyone started laughing again.)

    Me: So if I were to go around the corner and buy a clone you wouldn't arrest me (awkward laugh)

    Brady: Your damn right I would arrest you. But that's where you are confused. In MY city, you can 'gift' a clone to someone, you can 'gift' a whole damn plant for all I-or any of these other officers- care. Just no purchases, and it's legal. Don't be so uptight, this Colorado Springs, and I'm well aware of the pot scene in my town, and we're loose about it. We were all kids once. Right guys? (a few of the other officers starting trading glances and laughing)
    Me: So you're telling me I can go and find someone with a plant/clone/sack of homegrown bud, I can go and get some as long as it was a gift? Why can't the money I give him in return be a 'gift'.
    Brady: I don't right the rules son, I just uphold them. Can I ask you question, do I smell like bacon? (more laughter)
    Me: No... sir?
    Brady:That's because I'm not a cooked pig, do you know what that means?
    Me: I'm not su--
    Brady: it means I'm here for your safety, not to put you in jail for a bag of weed or a plant in your closet.

    I sat at the table for a good 10 more minutes talking about a myriad of things I wanted to know about laws sourroounding marijuana with the new admendment, before parting ways. It was quite an experience. Had you have asked me yesterday if I'd sit at a table full of cops and talk about weed, I would have probably called you a fucking idiot. I still don't know why I took that seat, but I'm damn glad I did. I can rest easy now, knowing I'm still within the law.:hello:

    By the end of the conversation I had learned that in the state of Colorado (and I'd assume Washington) You can take part in the 'gift'ing of clones, as well as smokable bud. Many of you know that already, but still stay back from the trading of clones.

    Anyone have any free clones? (haha, I'm kidding:cool:)

    But wouldn't it be nice if the dispensaries in town were to give out glones with purchases, or sell 'em. Then allowing the purchaser to do what they please with them (like hand them out to friends and family). I think it would be a great way to jump start a town of growers or such a beautiful plant?

    On another note, I saw a news article about a "Growing University" in south Denver that has a one day course (and a Grow Package), for locals. I think prices start at $175. I'd be so down to do it, but I live in Co Springs.
  2. Could use more police with that attitude!
  3. Shoulda ripped out an L and just been like

    "You cool?"

    Haha but good shit though. That would never happen to me
  4. I hope that you didn't have any munchies when he mentioned the bacon :/
  5. Just glad I didn't smoke before I ventured out. That would have scary as shit at first if I was stoned.
  6. I love our cops.
  7. I know right? But now I need some bacon!
  8. Colorado cops do not give a fuck. I've got mad respect for them.
  9. just goes to show, how these anti-pot laws are killing the relationship bewteen cops and the people they are swarn to protect.
  10. It's the only illegal thing I do besides the occasional murder.
  11. Yay another murderer in Co springs that moved here to smoke weed and occasionally kill yayyy

  12. Fuck yeah they're cool
  13. Nah I don't even like violence, unless is virtual, and against aliens 'n shit.
  14. LOL, I instinctively avoid intimate contacts with LEO in any situation. Not my kind of friends.
  15. Any of you guys from Colorado Springs, yourselves?
  16. Thats cool as fuck i still dont get it i thought it was legal in CO and WA? so it doesnt take effect till next year?
  17. It's legal to possess, it's not legal to purchase (yet). Starting January 2014 businesses will be able to apply for a license that will allow them to sell cannabis to the public.
  18. lmfao. legal process my ass you really think we will have legal bud by january 2014? Try sometime near 2015...
  19. police serving the community rather than destroying it , CO setting the path

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