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spoke smice!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by delic, May 23, 2010.

  1. i mean smoke spice! yeah, never even heard of the shit till last night at a prom after party, friend of mine had a gram left of this shit he called spice, and the way he described it was "if you smoke weed, smoking this will change everything." he was with 3 of his other friends that had split a fat joint right before they got there and they all seemed to be really enjoying themselves, so i had to get down. i got greens, and took one hit off this baby bowl. i was already drunk, but almost immediately after hittin the bowl i started to feel it.

    now, i'm no noob to the world of marijuana, i've been smoking incosistently for the last 3 years, and for the last few months been vaporizing in my room almost every day. but the spice just hit me man, in a damn good way. before i smoked it, i was feeling pretty withdrawn and unsociable, only throwing in a few words with people here and there. after i took that hit i felt like i wanted to talk to everyone. it was really weird, feeling that complete turn around. i was also really fuckin happy and giddy and laughed a lot, but not for no reason. i felt like i just connected with everything everyone was saying and it was all too surreal so i had to laugh about it.

    all in all, it was really fuckin cool. would definitely do it again. i recommend everyone try it out at least once.
  2. I've heard bad things about that legal bud.

  3. I also have heard bad things about this "smart drug"

    I'll stick to my all natural brain medicine thanks.
  4. my one friend loves to use herbal smokes, but personally whenever he asks me to smoke with him i dont get high. it seems that the only purpose it serves is a new taste. legal highs tend not to work for me and i have to be skeptical.
  5. I imagine lots of things that you can set on fire & inhale would "change everything" haha :rolleyes:
  6. i havent tried it but i refuse to smoke something thats legal and more harmfull to you than weed while this war on cannabis continues. but thats just me.
  7. isn't that stuff sprayed with all kinds of chemicals(with no regulation) and made to be "like" marijuana? why not just smoke the real thing?
  8. My nephew was smoking spice for quite a while. He started getting nasty nose bleeds that wouldn't stop and coughing up black shit. He decided to quit smoking spice. His nose bleed stopped as well as the shit he was coughing up. Spice is bad for you.
  9. yeah when i quit smoking for a job i smoked this. i loved it the first time but the more i did it the more i thought it was a weird high and a couple times i really didnt like it so i stopped. plus all the health shit...wouldnt go there
  10. My friends and I have tried it lately because were on a break and its been really hit and miss. Some of them have liked it perfectly fine but personally it gave me a terrible headache and one of my friends even puked like 5 times I wouldn't recommend it unless you absolutely can't have weed.
  11. spice is just a mixture of useless plants mixed up to look like buds then sprayed with JWH-018.

    JWH-018 is an analgesic chemical from the naphthoylindole family, which acts as a cannabinoid agonist at both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, with some selectivity for CB2.] It produces effects in animals very similar to those of THC itself, but with a longer duration of action.

    its a synthetic and is widely untested though so really just stay away from it. If you stick to the sensi you know what your getting and you know how it affects you.
  12. I've tried it. Well, actually, I've used it extensively. But honestly, it's worth checking out. where I'm at it's 15$ per gram, which is reasonable being that it's much less dense than weed is. But I would only use it if I was on probation, or I was smoking at school, etc. It doesn't show up on drug tests.

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