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Spoiled Smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Minka, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else out there feel like they're a little too spoiled with their supply/equipment? By now I consider myself quite the weed snob, and I'm very particular about my pieces. In fact, I'm offended when people come at me with the word "one-hitter" or "regs", lol.
  2. Personally, I like to smoke the best weed out of the best glass, and that's how I smoke when I can.

    But I'll smoke whatever anyone else is thrown down with a smile on my face.
  3. I agree with Tfunk, Ive been lucky enough to always have a connect with really good bud, never really bought anything under top shelf, So i guess im a picky smoker you could say. when it comes to glass, ill hit it, but I prefer to smoke out of higher end glass.
  4. I'm blazing outa chub and it's getting me blazed come rip it if you want
  5. Man, I just smoked some regs in my one hitter and i'm spool hhhiigggghhhhhh
  6. I like weed
  7. i use my one hitter all the time. i've had a lot of gear of the years, but since i feel like i've settled down for a solid period of time, i went out and bought a scale, some new jars, a new bubbler. either way, weed is weed. as long as i'm not smoking out of a pop can or anything along those lines, i'm cool with it.
  8. im pretty new to this website but i cant remember the last time i used anything other than one of my personal spoons or even seen mids/regs. def turning into a weed snob but if u got dank and glass use um! :smoke:
  9. as long as there is some dank weed, i dont really care about the method. i do have preference however but im not a picky smoker.
  10. Personally when I am by myself I only chose to smoke the highest end weed out of the best glass possible.

    Of course, that doesnt mean I won't go with a few buddys and throw down 20 to have an EPIC night out of some shitty homemade bong of course!!
  11. i wish i was a weed snob but i smoke regs alot due to i like to smoke alot and cant afford that with just dank.....but i am a glass snob for sure.,..haha
  12. I will smoke any way except a blunt, no additives for this #highguy

  13. This right here.
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    You can't not be spoiled in NorCal. Smoke nothin but the best medical grade buds. Although I'm not that picky about my smoking devices. A hit it a hit is a hit for the most part. As long as you don't hand me a metal pipe we're all good. I hate those finger burning fucking things. I prefer a good bong rip above all other.

    This is some Blackberry and Headband I'm smoking tonight. This isn't even top shelf.

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  15. That shits real man, you know whats up.
  16. I've got a typical level of stuff I smoke - usually beasters/high-grade but mids are ok too, I find I can smoke more of the stuff without getting shitfaced on it...I've NEVER seen what you guys call "dirt" and I think I'd probably draw the line at that!

  17. that shit rite there my friend looks tasty =P
  18. My circle only buys/smokes dank. I buy/smoke dank more so because it's just easier to get. I don't have a solid regs connect anymore but I could definitely find it. I'd say on a scale of 1-10 my weed snobbery is about a 6. My glass snobbery is probably about an 8, however. Simply because good glass is a one time purchase. If you're gonna smoke regularly, it just makes sense to shell out a few extra bucks.
    To quote my buddies, however,
    "ewwww regs"
    "you fucking asshole you tricked me into hitting a reg blunt"
    "these regs taste like poop"
    "regs don't get me high man"
    Their snobbery is probably 9-10. One of them in particular is at least a 12. On the way to Hash Bash, I smoked a regs blunt to the dome in front of him and got stoned as hell and he thought I was retarded (which I was, but.. yeah. lol)

    TL;DR Weed snobs are annoying
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    Your missing out then. Blunts get you the highest.
  20. #20 jedistheman, Aug 10, 2011
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    Are you wiz khalifa not down with blunts or

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