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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jquicks92, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hi i was wondering if it's okay to smoke in my room without opening a window and just using a sploof (toilet paper roll with fabric sheets inside of it)? Will you be able to smell the smoke or will the sploof cover it up? I'm smoking out of a bowl, i figured that if i just used a quarter to cover up the bowl that you wouldn't be able to smell the smoke that comes out of the bowl. Thanks for your help.:confused:
  2. No, if your parents know what weed smells like they will still smell it.
    I usually blow the smoke out of my window (no sploof usually) and then keep the windows open for 15-30 minutes and the all the smell is gone.
  3. no, if your going to do that you NEED to smoke out of water(a bong)
    you can make em easily
    or just buy one

    also, what i do is spray collonge on the end of the sploof and turn my fan on high
    and take as less hits as possible just so it doesnt reak
  4. the little bit of smoke that burns off your bowl after you take a hit cant be filtered by a sploof, so yes they will smell it if the window is closed even if you use a sploof. start using Ozium that stuff works very well
  5. I only vaporize or eat weed to get high so my sense of smell is as good as a non smoker or at least close to it.

    A sploof is good but what do you do with it. I would smell it straight away if I walked into your room so while it might help in reducing the smell it does not eliminate it. Its for use when you are not going to be interrupted over night so the smell can dissipate over many hours

    Smoke is almost impossible to illimanate as the smell as it sticks to everything and lingers over many days. Remember you get used to the smell in your room and then start to think that there is no odor in the air but someone else can walk in and immediately pick our what you have being up to.

    Get a vaporizer how ever cheap, no need for sploof, no smoke and the vapor smell can be over come with a good scent easily, but you still need an open window cause I'd still catch you and you would have to share your stash with me. You superious will probably report you to the police.

    Remember just because you cant smell it, it doesnt mean that other people cant.
  6. Make an activated carbon sploof, you should be good to go then. Those work much better than the plain dryer sheets ones, you can even put dryer sheets before and after the carbon in the bottle if you have doubts.
  7. Ok, here's what you need to do. It's worked for me countless times getting high in the room that's connected to my parents bedroom. First, make a GOOD sploof. Mine contains over 80 dryersheets layered flat/stuffed/layered/stuffed/etc into a plastic soda bottle with the bottom cut off. Once you can't squeeze anymore dryer sheets in, start covering the opened end with dryer sheets and tape them. Keep doing this. My end result:

    Now, you can't simply smoke and blow the smoke into the sploof, you're still going to get smell that way. What you need to do, is hit the bowl, and as your lungs are almost full, completely cover the top of the bowl, and clear the bowl through the carb. Keep your hand over the top for a few seconds for safe measure.

    Then, as usual, blow the smoke through the sploof. I always do this next to a cracked window, and smoke with the bowl right by the window as an extra safety measure.
  8. dude walk 15 feet and go outside. the lazyness of some people.

  9. this oh this :wave:
  10. This thread is obviously for people who live at home/an area smoking has to be done on the downlow. Walking outside to smoke isn't always an inconspicuous action. You walk outside at 1 am, someone comes out "Hey, what are you doing out here?". Either that, or they will already know exactly what you are doing just by assumption.
  11. You'd honestly be better off smoking then taking a shower. Smoke smells real bad and as stated before, you get use to it after a while and then someone else comes in and smells it.

    Yes, you should make a sploof, they are easy to make and covers up most of the smell. No, you should not hot box your room. Have at least a window cracked when smoking and then opened. once your down. A fan would help.

    Preferably, I smoke in my bathroom because all I have to do is crack a window, blow smoke through the sploof and screen, and cover the bowl with my hand because I'm not too worried. Once I'm done, I put everything in my bag,clean up any weed particles, pull the window open fully and then hop into a warm shower for a while. When I get out, theres no smell whatsoever.
  12. Where do you get activated carbon, and what kind do you use?
  13. That doesn't sound very inconspicuous. Especially if you live in a neighborhood with little privacy. I used to live right next to an abandoned railroad embankment, completely overgrown and covered in tall trees. It was sweet because you could just smoke on the back porch, and the only ones that would see you were squirrels, the odd random bum staggering along the top of the embankment, or some kids who were also out smoking. Now, I live in the middle of a neighborhood. There is no place on this property where you can't see at least 5 of the neighbors' windows, and if you can see them, they can see you, so outdoor smoking is pretty much out of the question.
  14. I haven't used one cuz I don't usually need to stealth smoke but you can buy them pretty much at any pet store by the fish products, any brand will do, it's not worth it to buy the big name brand because it's the same thing.

    You just have to let the activated carbon soak in a strainer in a sink for a while and then put it in a water bottle with holes cut in the bottom...someone made a how-to on here, search for it.
  15. To be honest, i never found sploofs to work, and i always just used a gravity bong in the shower when i used to smoke in the house
  16. when i use to live with my parents i would use a sploof when i smoked in my room but i would always have the window opened to be safe
  17. maybe the roof?
    or at night?
    i mean i have close neighbors so i just wait till midnight.
  18. I've tried using a sploof before and it never really worked, plus the smell of the dryer sheets would always make me cough. I say just go outside. Walk around, it will look like you're just smoking a cigarette.
  19. Your not using enough dryer sheets, and the coughing is probably from cheap dryer sheets. My personal sploof is 100% effective, and thats from me building it right, and using LOTS of sheets.

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