Sploof without dryer sheets?

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  1. I need help fellow tokers. Sorry if this isn't the right forum, I'm new.

    Anyway, I'm currently stranded at home in the middle of a snow storm and desperately want to smoke. I can't open windows or go outside because neighbors so I need a safe sploof.

    My mom of course doesn't have dryer sheets.

    Anyone have any way for me to make it with stuff at home.

    Supplies I've collected:
    -water bottle
    -paper towel
    -tp roll
    -plastic bag
  2. try spraying the freebrez on papertowls drying them out then stuffing them in the tp roll. Lean out a window if you can. And spray the freebrez when your done Sent from my LG-VM696 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. I personally wouldn't try it without the dryer sheets. If you can close yourself into the closet, you can do what the guy above me suggested, and spray the febreeze in the air to mask the smell.Also put a wet (but ring it out) towel under the door.
  4. depends how u smoking. id just ghost the whole hit so no smoke, then spray febreeze if i cudnt open the windows (but dunno why opening windows would be so heat)
  5. I've made one by soaking paper towels in liquid febreeze, and putting them in a gatorade bottle with holes punched around the bottom that worked quite well. It seemed like it worked better when the paper towels were still wet.
  6. I would recommend a hose if you have one spare (I use my hookah pipe) then you put the end out of your window and shut the window then blow out of hose and it goes out of your window, I know you said neighbours and whatnot but but it's a lot more discrete than sticking your head out of a window :) I only say this cos I've never found sploofs to be very effective but yeah it might help :)

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  7. smoke in your bathroom with a steaming shower going that's what i did when i lived with my parents.
  8. Ive tried toilet paper with perfume and it doesnt work best thing is the real thing, Dryer sheets yo

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  9. Yeah turn the shower on to it's hottest put a towel under the door and make sure the vent fan is on than just blew into the fan after wards just take a shower. No smell been doing that for years still do when ever my brother is here

    Who Dat!
  10. you cant just go to your backyard for like 5 min? im sure your neighbours dont have the Nsa watching you
  11. Dude if you can't even open a window you shouldn't do it. Without the air circulating that smell is gonna linger whether you use a sploof or not

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  12. wait till night then open the window and blow out

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