Sploof V2.0

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  1. Howdy all you sneaky tokers. Just thought I'd share what I use to stealth-smoke. I know sploofs are simple and easy, but you don't always have an empty roll or you might be out of dryer sheets, or you might be as lazy as I am lol.

    Anyways, grab a hand towel (or full-sized, doesn't matter) that you don't need/use anymore. If you do have dryer sheets grab some of those too. Simply fold the towel a couple of times and put the dryer sheets on the outside or in the middle. When you exhale, put your lips on the towel and blow. It's a little hard to exhale like trying to blow through a straw (your face will turn red) but almost no smoke escapes and I find that there's even less smell than a sploof. Make sure it's a towel you don't use anymore because the smoke will stain the towel and probably won't come out in the wash (parents could get suspicious if they do your laundry).

    Worked for me when I lived with the 'rents and it worked in my dorm too. As with all sploofs though, the rag itself will start to smell after a while, so you're gonna have to toss it eventually.

    Cheers! :cool:


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