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Sploof question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shotthesheriff, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Ok, not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not but any input would be awesome! So I live in my grandma and grandpas basement, and im wanting to smoke down here. Do you think if I rolled a joint and used one with a dryer sheet and paper towel roll, it would get rid of the smell?? Whats the best way to make one? Do you guys think this will work?
  2. No it would still smell unless you blow out the window.
  3. Alright thanks bro!
  4. Either smoke out a one hitter or use a pipe and only pack enough for 1 hit at a time.

    Use the spoof, out the window if possible, if not then in your bathroom with the fan on, or failing that, blow your hits out into the dryer, the steam shold rise out the vent on it.

    You definatly shouldn't use a joint because even when you are not inhaling, smoke comes off of it.

    After you are finished smoking, spray some cologne or failing that, blow some baby powder around the room. (gets rid of the smell prettty well)
  5. ive heard a steamy shower will hide the smell quite well.:smoke:
  6. Thanks for your help guys!
  7. don't smoke a joint if you need to sploof it.
    smoke a bowl, i am allowed to smoke in my house if its not too stinky and my mom came in my room one night she is was like "dont smoke joints in here, matt" and walked out
  8. If it were a joint I'd recommend stepping outside, if you dont look sketch you can pull it off and just look like you're smoking a cig. Smoking inside is not the way to go when you have to worry about the smell.

    If you have to smoke inside use a one hitter or only load one hit at a time (so the bowl doesnt smoke), smoke into a sploof, and either use a fan and smoke out a window, or go into your bathroom turn on the shower and fan and toke in there (with sploof).

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