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Sploof Effectiveness Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cowonabike, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. How well will a water bottle sploof with 8 drier sheets work in a small room with all windows closed?
    What should I be careful of when smoking in my room?
    Is it VERY important to open a window?
  2. First off, if you smoke in your room, you MUST use a pipe. Make sure you know how to put it out as quick as possible after taking a hit. The sploof will take away 90% of the smell, but the 10% it doesn't get rid of is enough to get you caught. 
    Here's a list of helpful things to use:
    1. Air freshener (incense work better, but they can be a dead giveaway if you haven't used them before).
    2. A fan. Point the fan towards a window. 
    3. A window. If you don't have a window open at least a little, it's pretty hard not to get caught.
    4. Dryer sheets. Take one dryer sheet, and put it on the back of your fan. After 5-10 minutes, your room will smell like clean laundry. Don't leave the dryer sheet on the fan for more than 20 minutes or the smell will overwhelm your room for days.
    5. Time. All of these other things help, but time is absolutely necessary for getting rid of the smell. Make sure nobody will be in your room for at least an hour after you smoke.
    Make sure to wash your hands and brush your teeth after you smoke. Making your room smell good won't do you any good if you reek of weed. If at all possible, go outside. It's so much more relaxing to smoke without having to worry about getting caught.
    Good luck!
  3. A good thing to add to a sploof would be cut out a piece of carbon filter, that will literally kill the smoke :)
    also blow it out a window, no need to smell up the room with dryer sheet smell xp
  4. they arent gonna completely mask the smell... what I do is get a fan and point it to a window, it lets the room air out and in about 1 hr and a half smells 100% gone... or you can go the fuck outside
  5. Actual sploofs with drier sheats kinda suck and don't work very well. Carbon filter sploofs especially store bought ones work amazingly and eliminate all smoke and all smell except the smell of the burnt bowl.
  6. #6 G Willz, Jun 3, 2013
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    The sploof is kinda pointless unless you can't open up a window. I used to take a rip and stick my head out the window and blow all the smoke out so none got in my house. It would smell slightly like weed for like 15 mins then it was gone. A sploof will not take away the smell 100%. But the best thing to do is open the windows, use a bong and make sure you pull through and blow the smoke through the sploof.
  7. Well. I just used a sploof indoors with closed windows and doors for three days and the room is fine. I wave a drier sheet around sometimes and opend my window after the third time. But it only works if I cover the bowl and circulate the smell of drier sheets. But its totally fine.

    Nice to know huh?

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