Splitting Water to 4 pots.

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  1. what should i buy for my Waterpump to split the tubes into 4. I tryed buy strandard splitter but by time it pumps the water up theres not enough pressure to split it 4 ways.
  2. How big is your pump? I have a 400gph that splits it 6 ways no problem
  3. mines a 160 so prob to weak. i could prob just buy another 160. and then split 2each 2 ways then
  4. pumps are pretty cheap...the hydroshop here has the 400gph for like $28, maybe less
  5. More important than the raw gph rating, be sure to find a pump that has a high head (usually measured in feet. It's the height a pump can pump a certain amount of water to) rating on it, too.. A pump rated at just 400gph may put out 400gph at a 1 foot head (rise) and completelty stop at 4 feet. It would be better to find a pump that's rated at 400gph at a 4 foot head... That's an example, I don't know all the specifics of your system. Pump head rating is important, so you can figure out the diameter of tubing you need, and every 90 you add to the line uses up about 1 foot of head.

    That said, even your weaker pump may be able to supply your 4 buckets, but you'll need to add valves to each line going to in to each bucket. This will allow you to add a little resistance at the buckets that are receiving the water (closest buckets to the pump) to help even out the flow.

    Just my two cents about pumps! =)


  6. Can't argue with that one bit! :smoke:
  7. You can design the distribution lines to be the same lengths, and I am using 130 GPH pumps in 4 bucket systems, what size lines are you using? If the diameter is too large you may have problems supplying your buckets. I am using 3/4"- pumping up about a foot and a half.

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