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Splitting up niacin pills to evade burn

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by NudistDudist, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. My mom is home and if I turn bright red and start itching like a crack addict she will know something is up. I have 500 mg niacin pills and I took about 4/5 of the powder out, roughly 100mg. In about two hours I'll pop another ~100mg. Fuck! I just started to feel the burn....arg. But anyway, will this still be effective?
  2. whyd you take it? why not wait till you goto sleep?
  3. Last time I did that I ended up not getting to sleep before the burn kicked in, it was a school night too. The burn didn't hurt at all, or itch, it's pretty much gone now.
  4. wtf are you guys talking about, buggin me out

    im assuming this doesnt have to do with good ol' MJ
  5. Cleanser
  6. This is what happens when all these trolls come onto the boards. This comes with all forums, and it's sad it's happening to GC. We use to be a tight-knit group, now...now it's run over with people who have no clue about anything. Niacin is used to come clean for a drug test, don't critisize if you don't know what your talking about.

  7. he wasn't critisizing, he was just commenting he doesn't know what was being talked about.
  8. man up.. it doesnt burn that damn bad.. but you do turn red... tell your mom you were exercising.

    and work it around your schedule. im sure your mom isnt with you 24/7, the burn only lasts about 30 mins
  9. Niacin sucks.. I took a 500 mg pill first time using it and It cleared my system out damnw ell, but it burned even after a shower. The week after as a goof I gave my brother the other pill and told him it would help him lose weight. :rolleyes: He was rollign around on the carpet like 'AhhH!'.. Was mean, but kind of cute.
  10. I've been taking 1000mg a day for 5 days now and I haven't felt a burn at all...

    you guys think it's not doing it's thing like it should or am I just not susceptible to burning skin?
  11. Maybe you already have high levels of Vitamin B3 in your body.

    if you want a small amount and dont want to take a pill.. Drink lots of Rockstar energy drinks.
    Each can has 50mg of niacin in it.
  12. I really wouldn't know, I don't keep track of what I eat that much...

    and Rockstar shit will turn your piss the color of the liquid... I've been drinking some of those at work, mostly 'cause they're kinda tasty.
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