Splitting an 1/8th of shrooms between 2 people

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Revolution, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. As the title suggests, is this enough for two people to trip? No mushroom tolerance. 130 lbs and 155 lbs. :smoking:
  2. Yeah, I'd say so

    1.5-2g is what I usually take
  3. Men thats WAY enough. If your asking this question I would take in consideration its gonna be your first time with mush? You shouldn't do 3.5gs your first time and splitting an eight between two persons is def smart AND enjoyable.

    Have a nice trip brother!
  4. Ya you should both be pretty good. If you eat that and aren't really feeling what you'd like, maybe smoke some bowls to intensify things.
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    Do you know what strain?You will feel something,but it wont be a "trip".That's with P.cubenis though,standard mushrooms I suppose,as in most popular.

    1.75 gram's would have me feeling "good" I suppose,not tripping though.Unless it is a potent strain.Have you tripped before on mushroom's?

    if it is your first time with a psychedelic you may have visual's and stuff.Depend's though.

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