Split at main stem from LST

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  1. So upon doing some LST, I noticed a small split in my plant between the main stem and a branch. It's a little more than 1/3 of the stem deep. Should I let up on the left-side's lst? Or do you guys think the branch will make it through it?


    Thanks for any help
  2. anyone have any ideas?
  3. Ease up on th torture, the plant will repair itself, then if you have too,...continue the torture, selecting the right plant from the outset will prevent this from happening, sativa vs indica!

  4. You're worrying over nothing, that plant will heal up on it's on in a matter of days, and form a strong knot in that place. I actually do that purposefully on some of my vegging plants because it allows me to shape the plants exactly how I want and the stems provide an excellent support for the plant structure afterwards. I've had as big as a 1-2" slice down a main stem and it recovered nicely, all the nodes on the now horizontal branch just turned up towards the light, and the stem started rebuilding.

    Some of my best yielding plants have been ones that I've let grow tall and lanky then snap the stems sideways and after it heals, it allows a huge canopy to grow and fill in with growth tops.

    Picture 1: clone vegging tall and lanky
    Picture 2: supercropped the stems
    Picture 3: what it looks like after the canopy fills in
  5. make sure when you lst you lightly bend the stem in all directions. This will help the plant bend without breaking. Also get a feel for where it WANTS to bend. Also, do your watering before lst. If the pot is dry do not lst. Had a lot a lot of success with the lst plus top method. I lost count of the tops

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