Splinter down the length of my fingernail, Pictures

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    Hey Blades,

    Today at work I got a splinter that went completely down the length of my pinky fingernail. How can I keep it from getting infected?

    These pictures were taken right after I removed it. The splinter was UNDER my nail, down into the nail bed.


  2. No man, I need to clean it, I just don't know how or what to use.
  3. Ah I thought u had a little prick in your skin or somethin I couldn't see lol? I know they make alcohol wipes for that or neosporin
  4. You could clean it with alcohol but that would sting like a bitch so you should probably just use some hydrogen peroxide and maybe some neosporin to help it heal.
  5. some hydrogen peroxide for the initial particles lodged in and some good ol 91% iso.

    its gonna sting, but be a man.
  6. hot water... alcohol... then wrap it up

    its not brain surgery
  7. Oh god that's gross.
  8. Fuck why did I come into this thread while eating
  9. benzyl peroxide/hydrogen peroxide (disinfecting agents), hot water, neosporin, wrap it tightly with one or more band-aids, and smoke a bowl of kush. you'll forget about it in no time.

    damn how did that happen?
  10. Painting your finger nail pink is whats poppin' in the streets?
  11. I'm just getting off work and really hope to smoke a bowl soon.

    I know the basic disinfectant things, but I just don't know how to get all the way up in the wound. It's really deep. That splinter wasn't sticking out of the end of my nail when it was in, it was submerged. I think it ended somewhere a little past my cuticle. I'm going to be sad tomorrow.
    Honestly, I don't really know how it happened. I was pulling a 2x4 off another board, and when it came off, there was a giant splinter lodged under my nail.

    Are my nails really that pink?

    Also, lol at this post + your avatar.
  12. I would disinfect, like everyone else has suggested.

    I dont really think you need to worry too much about cleaning off everything though, like, getting all deep in there and shit. Our bodies are pretty good at fighting off infection on its own...

    Thats a gnarly splinter though dude....
  13. Fucking gross man. Yeah but some ISO, and a bandaid should do the trick.
  14. Well, the finger doesn't feel nearly as bad as I was afraid it was going to feel on this second day.
  15. The salt and iso mix we all have lying around will clean any cut, except one with aids.
  16. Damn I know that kinda hurt.
  17. did it go under your nail?

  18. Completely. The pictures are right after I took it out.

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