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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MarijuanaAbuse, May 8, 2011.

  1. Do they actually get you higher? As opposed to smoking the same amount of weed in a J without tobacco. I don't smoke cigs, and I don't plan on starting. But I wouldn't mind a spliff every now and again if it increases my high.

    So yeah, yes or nah? :smoke:
  2. You will get a nicotine buzz. But because you are not using as much weed it will not get you more high than a normal jay.
  3. Since you're not a smoker it'll give you an intense head rush, and spliffs burn slower since the tobacco makes the weed burn slower, but other than that there's really no advantage besides they'll smell like tobacco depending on the mixture. (I smoke spliffs on the way home from work everyday)
  4. i never knew there was a difference.
  5. I think I'm the only one who fucking hates niccy rushes.
    Ugh my first ciggarette i was sick from it.
    I'm a pussy :D but yeah you'll get used to it.
    I had to.

  6. No brother, I hate them too, but more used to them now, used to feel sick all the time.
  7. i hear you american people dont like to mix their weed with tobacco too. i think it burns way too quick without the tobacco, unless the weeds in a blunt.
  8. Spliffs are ok sometimes. Head rush + high = me on my fucking ass
  9. Spliffs = tabacco + weed = stoned
    Joints = weed = high

    when you're stoned you get a buzz that will last 2 hours max.
    when you're high you get a lill psychidelic and that will last max 4 hours.

    The differences between those two are huge, still there are a few people who don't know the differences.

    Because of the sigarette you'll get a lil' nicotine buzz and because you smoke tabacco, your vains get narrower. When you smoke weed your vains get wider. So when you smoke them both you've a mix between those.

    You just to try one spliff and look if you enjoy it.

    IMO, a spliff only gives me a buzz and gives me a couchlock and a joint makes me a little bit 'spacy', so I prefer joints.

    Edit: This is how we think in The Netherlands
  10. i see, but does this apply to an already smoker who'd be used to the nicotine?
  11. The name "Marijuana Abuse" is very fitting if you roll your weed with tobacco.
  12. I do think so, because all my friends smoke spliffs and they're getting that kind of stoned and they smoke sigarettes on a daily basis.
    (but i'm a pure weed smoker, so I can't say it myself.)
  13. oh i see, but you do have a point, im kinda stoned right now but when i smoke out of a bubbler, even if its a little bit i have a more head high than a joint with tobacco. gonna build myself a gravity bong to see if its really worth all that hype.
  14. i like to taste my weed.
  15. their badass :cool:

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