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  1. why doesn't anyone start a spliff contest. you could have differents classes ie: size, length, shapes whatever really?

    lets see some big spliffs!!
  2. go ahead and start one i'd be glad to be a judge
  3. I also volunteer to judge. Please only good ganja applicants. =)

    points will be given for creativity. =)

  4. heres a blunt of mind filled with blueberry hydrp..that was a good smoke

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  5. Nice....I give you 7/10.

  6. i'll give it a 6/10 it's a nice blunt and i've seen worse but blunts is almost all we smoke and i've seen some really really pretty ones
  7. I gotta know this- erm howdya roll a blunt- I always smoke out of pipes and the occasional joint but a blunt- i would like to try one....
  8. Blunts are more work but really worth. That one you see there is actually the first I ever rolled. You just cut the two layers open. Get the inside skin wet let it a dry a little roll it jsut like a jonit then take that and roll it into the leaf (2nd skin) Smokes mighty good.
  9. blunts are well worth it! get sum blunt wraps and u can have cigar sized blunts. but blunts burn much slower than joints and u dont have to repack like bongs and pipes. if u use single skin blunts its a bit easier to roll...or u can get one with a tip (wood is best) and not even have to roll, and u can pack so much in a wood tip blunt
  10. i got a new one. I rolled this spliff today and smokes it in the park. yummmmmy.

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  11. OMG YOU'VE NEVER SMOKED A BLUNT????? blunts are easy to roll you wet the blunt so that it's easier to cut then you cut it open empty it fill it with a lot of weed then roll it as you would a joint

    Blunts Rule!!!!!

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