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Spliffs - Rolling baccy or cig baccy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thezool, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. i used to believe rolling baccy all day urr day, but i used baccy from a cigarette the last 2 spliffs i rolled. it burned way more evenly and burnt smoother and didnt go out so easily. the consistency of it is more like bud i suppose.
  2. I prefer not to spoil my precious herb with tobacco.
  3. may just be the way you roll, personally i always used to use cig baccy, tried rolling baccy and preferred it so yeah, either way, whatever works :smoke:
  4. Neither, either knaster or pure for me
  5. None these days.
    But when I used to it was Amberleaf rolling 'bacca. I found cigs tasted like shit, and from what I hear there's more shit in 'em, which is probably why.:smoke:
  6. i roll fairly tight, hate loose rolls. might be cos the rolling baccy is denser and needs a bit of air to breathe
  7. Rolling baccy is what I always use. I smoke hand rolled cigarettes because it's cheaper for me, so when I have bud, I use hand rolling baccy because i think it makes the joint burn slower, and it's less harsh then using cig.

    Different people have different opinions but i'm going with hand rolling tobacco.
  8. Knaster hemp>green go>cigs>rolling tobacco
  9. Hate to burst your bubble but the reason the cig tobacco burns so much better in spliffs is the chemicals in it. The reason pack cigs never canoe or anything is because some of the chemicals in them are there to specifically to keep them burning at a steady rate and evenly. Btw I'm a smoker so no judgement or anything ;)
  10. cigarette tobacco because it's easier to roast, which removes the nicotine.

    I'd rather use wild opium lettuce or blue lotus to fill out my spliffs, though. something harmless
  11. fag burns nicer but baccy burns longer to put it simply its ur choice
  12. yuck, i'd rather not contaminate my bud with tobacco and ruin the taste and smell
  13. If you guys aren't gonna help why post? Seriously he didn't ask your opinion.

    Idk for sure because i don't smoke tobacco unless its a blunt. But i would assume that pipe tobacco would hit more smoothly then cigarette tobacco. Or even rolling tobacco as you said. Cigarette tobacco is worse for you. And you really should have a cigarette filter if you wanna inhale it.

  14. You find a plant precious?
  15. rolling tobacco, way smoother and not as nasty
  16. Look man, the internet doesn't need another purist snob who makes condescending comments like this. Don't be that guy.

    On topic : rolling baccy is definetly better, you get more joints out of a 12.5g bag of baccy than you do out of a ten deck. I use cigarettes though, i've got a pretty good technique going that makes them last ages.

  17. what he said, not hatin i smoke cigs too but yeah thats exactly why

    has anyone from america heard about this law theyre trying to pass banning menthol in cigs?? if so its time to quit for me
  18. rolling tobacco all day long. port royal is my fav, or bali nature :bongin:

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