Spliffs - European vs American

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  1. Every American J I've ever seen looks pic 1, while every European J I've ever seen looks like pic 2.
    Anyone else noticed this trend? 
    Post your spliff pics and let me know where you're from. I'm interested to know if my hypothesis is correct :)
    (pic one taken from user 'phanny' and pic two is one of my own)


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    From the uk. Just a nice fatty :)
  3. I think the bigger ones tend to have tobacco in? I'm not sure.

    I use to roll just like the second but fatter when I had tobacco, but now I'm off nicotine I'd be more likely to roll like the first one.
  4. I'm in the US, no pics currently but, i have never seen anyone roll a spliff.

    Anyway... that does seem to be how it is over here mostly but if someones rolling its usually a blunt. Older heads roll more joints and nice fat 100mm sized ones.
  5. Mine nearly always have baccy in them, only a minuscule amount. I use a little to pack the first half-inch from the roach (so that I don't have to smoke right up to the roach card). After that, I sprinkle a tiny amount onto the bud just so that it burns smoother. 
  6. A joint is weed, a spliff has tobacco, the conical roll is a Jamaican style... Brought to us and popularized by Bob Marley. I live in Delaware which is where he lived when he lived in the states. And the conical rolled type is pretty popular around his old neighborhood. They call them Marley's and Irie's..
    I guess its easier, faster and holds more...and makes for a better smoke.
    tobacco you get is washed, bathed, saturated, STEWED with chemicals and some of it is nothing but treated paper in the bath because it is just chopped up cigarettes that were rejected or dried out over time (they recycle them into the stew).
    they add in chemicals to retard BURNING...add more nicotine to ensure addiction.
    tobacco kills people...it is a FACT
    Go on, help prove Darwin is right...smoke tobacco and kill yourself and others around the smoke...cull the herds...
  8. Dude I agree with you, tobacco is nasty stuff and that's why I smoke very little of it. My blunts tend to go out periodically, but when I put a little baccy in there, it burns fine. Don't be that 'tobacco-free master-race' guy.
  9. A load of Js I've rolled, I'm from the UK!  :smoke:
  10. Europe spliffs be cut with tobacco or hash Jamaican spliff be green sometimes rolled in a toilet paper or news clipping

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  11. Thats cool i didn't know he lived in DE. After reading it i did a Google search, interesting. I still dislike Wilmington though.
  12. Marley was the only cool thing about Wilmington ever.
    I didn't learn about it until I got married in Jamaica. Everyone was cool, and when we got there they were real polite, and asked you, "Where ya from" and then when you'd answer they'd always say "Well, Welcome Home!"....and when they asked me and my wife and we said Delaware they were like "No shit?" and they treated us like royalty.. I mean just as nice as could be. The guy driving the bus from the airport gave me a huge spliff to fire up for the bus ride. And all the other people were just like WTF? They thought we were like celebrities or some shit. At the resort they called us Mr. and Mrs. Cousin..and then shortened it to Cousin after I'd blazed with a few of them. They were genuinely interested, and interesting people. They revere Marley. And after being with them, I know why. One Love!
  13. I've never even heard of people smoking spliffs where I'm from. I think most people in the US only smoke joints full of green. Anyways, I feel like the way people roll the j just depends on the person. Some people roll the straight ones and some people roll cones. Usually the only people i see that roll cones are ones that are really good at rolling. So maybe people from the uk take more time to hone their rolling skills i don't even know lol.
  14. The joints are exactly the same except they like to use tobacco.

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    Would ya please refrain from preaching about tobacco in a tobacco related thread.  Chill out bro.
    Tobacco kills, sorry you don't like the truth.
    And unless everybody in this thread has been living under a rock for the last 30 years, they were probably aware of this before you felt the need to point it out.
  19. chemicals and over Indulgence kill, not the plant

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  20. uk smokers seem to use larger papers. I'm guessing because they mainly smoke spliffs(tobacco and mj) and in the US it's more common to roll a pure weed joint. and to those of you calling an all weed joint a spliff, they are two different things! spliffs contain tobacco, as joints can be straight weed or both weed and tobacco.

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