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Spliffs, and filtered vs unfilterd cigs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ButtHeadsBeavis, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. So recently to cut down on smoking cigs and blowing through my weed, I started rolling about 1/5 or so of a cig into my joints so I would get the great buzz that the two provide together.
    All in all I love spliffs and how they make me feel and how they smoke, especially because they can also help you save a bit of reefer!
    So my main question is since joints obviously arnt rolled with the traditional cigarette filters, just crutches, I was wondering about how many cigs I'm smoking per 1/5 of unfiltered cigarette that I put into my joints to make a good ole spliff.

    Now I'm aware many people are going to say "oh it ruins the taste dude" or "I only smoke green" or "I don't add cancer to my joints" but if people could stay away from those responses and maybe answer the question I would greatly appreciate it because I'm interested!

    Sorry for grammar/ legibility I'm quite stoned off a good ole spliff!
  2. Umm I'm not sure if there's an exact number conversion but I would say that 1/5 equates to about half a cigarette. The paper in cigarettes also have a lot of bad chemicals so I'm sure just the tobacco alone in a spliff isn't to bad.
  3. Awesome I figured there wouldn't be an exact ratio but that seems like a good estimate, and really? I didn't know that the actual cig papers had chemicals, but that's good then too that I'm ditching the paper too
  4. Hey man I know it might not be your preferred brand of smokes, but you could try running to a smoke/liquor shop and getting an ounce of rolling tobacco. Or a pack of American Spirits. Its still tobacco but its definitely not as bad for you as cigs with additives.

  5. This!! ^^^ make sure to get all natural tobacco with no additives. This form of tobacco is almost as safe as weed except it's a bronchial constrictor so it does close up your airways a bit. Still, you could smoke a whole bag of this shit unfiltered and it'd be WAY safer then a pack of filtered cigs.
  6. American spirits are expensive but they're non addictive.

    My buddy baught a big ole bag of Tabacco and I rolled a spliff, best tasting one. I like the all natural instead of the other brands like Marlboro, etc.
  7. Yea I use Seneca no additive ones
  8. I was just also going to agree that American Spirits are awesome. And they offer a lot of other flavors besides menthol and regular. The main reason cigarettes give you cancer is because of the chemicals that they spray on them to help them grow are radioactive and poisonous. Natural cigarettes are naturally grown and contain no additives.
  9. Camel natural flavor is my favorite cig to roll thee oh godly spliffs with. The pack is brown. Not the yellow one in which the cashiers always sees to think it is.

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