Spliff Seeds Genetics Grow Purple Berry Kush & Cheese

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MrGreenFingers, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. 1st time using this forum, I am currently growing some Spliff seeds genetics, I have a Purple Berry Kush and a Spliff Cheese which are now onto day 40 after flip to 12/12.
    My setup is:
    Gorilla grow tent 4x2x8
    2 x 27l Exodus DWC buckets
    40 lpm air pump with iceline airlines
    260W HLG quantum boards with triple heatsink
    6inch fan and filter with thermostatic variac speed controller
    Here are my girls a couple days ago, PBK is flying along, Cheese is a bit slower but she didn't start throwing out pistils until 6 days after the PBK and she is showing a bit more of her Sativa side with longer internode spacing but shes slowing filling in, both smell fantastic already so high hopes that I can nail the smell and Terps :weed:


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  2. Real nice

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  3. Thanks brother! I failed miserably on my 1st attempt at photos so hopefully this turns out good as got lots of empty jars to fill :love-m3j:
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  4. Thank you, appreciate it!
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  5. Beautiful plants.
  6. Thanks "ghost" on AFN, pity that site has gone for the time being!
  7. Yes I am missing the place
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  8. Not a problem man

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  9. Day 46 12/12
    Purple berry kush - Day 32 since pistils
    Cheese - Day 26 since pistils

    Rolling along nicely, Kush has pretty much filled in now so time to put on the weight so I am dropping my base nutes down and upping the PK
    Cheese is taking her time and I dont think she will really fill in all the way, I had some issues in veg and somehow got a phosphorus deficiency and she is a sensitive girl so this may have something to do with it as her branches have purple in them, she really is a phosphorus hog though as 1 of the close up photos below it looks like her serated edges are starting to go purple so I might need to start her on the pk early or it could also be a little light bleaching as am running my quantum boards full power at 12 inches so might pull them back a touch.

    20190703_220940.jpg 20190703_221000.jpg 20190703_221223.jpg 20190703_221140.jpg

  10. Really good work man! I need to try thoseSpliff seeds, I see they are pretty solid genetics

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  11. Thank you! Both smell super dank at this point so hoping it stays like that through the drying and curing process but definitely at this point the best smelling weed I've grown to date!
    Spliff seeds dont have a massive selection and they haven't jumped on the bandwagon of all the new strains like Zlittles etc as I think they breed them over generations and only release strains when there ready from what I can see
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  12. Subbed up dude! :)

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  13. How’s the plants buddy?

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  14. Doing well man, Kush starting to put on weight, cheese has got smaller buds but super frosty and she seems to be finishing quickly but hoping they both have 4 weeks left in them to fatten up!

    Few picks with flash

    20190707_203548.jpg 20190707_203621.jpg 20190707_203635.jpg 20190707_203650.jpg

    20190707_203744.jpg 20190707_203806.jpg 20190707_203757.jpg 20190707_203730.jpg
  15. Very nice,

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  16. Werkly Update
    Not long to go now for both girls maybe 2 weeks, 3 weeks max.
    Kush has really fattened up this week and she is starting to get a slight pinkish purple colour coming through which is cool.
    Cheese has also been fattening up and going well but she is starting to get some rough leaves and shes fading, cant wait to chop these 2 down and smoke them up
    20190713_203944.jpg 20190713_203949.jpg 20190713_204057.jpg
    20190713_204031.jpg 20190713_204050.jpg
  17. Update

    Purple Berry Kush is getting fat now and her colours are definitely coming out, still mainly clear trichs with a couple cloudy so I'm thinking 2 more weeks.

    Cheese doing great, calyxes are becoming swollen, not the biggest buds but there rock solid, got about 75/25 clear to cloudy so still time left at least a week.

    20190720_212310.jpg 20190720_212344.jpg 20190720_212341.jpg
    Cheese 20190720_212530.jpg

  18. So it's been hot in the tent this week and both girls getting a bit of foxtailing going on but not to bad.
    Cheese is telling me she is finishing as her autumn colours are starting to come out, checked trichomes and majority cloudy now so this is her last week, I will be giving her some of that new millenium winter frost for 3/4 days and then 3 days of plain ph water.
    Kush still going strong, her calyxes have started swelling up now and the buds are getting dense, I think she will be coming down in 2 weeks.

    20190727_202606.jpg 20190727_202626.jpg 20190727_202614.jpg
    Cheese 20190727_202702.jpg 20190727_202727.jpg
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