Spit on my pizza, just the way I like it.

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  2. pretty gross, but your friend sounds like he needs to control himself a bit, I'd be pretty annoyed too if I was workin at Domino's for barely any money and having to deal with someone like that
  3. I thought dominos didn't hire people who weren't stoners?
  4. I easily would have spit on my friends pizza too if i were the guy on the phone. haha
  5. haha thats funny as hell
  6. That's really gross, homie.
    Eating a slobbery pizza.. what if they had herpes or something? :cool:
  7. sooo not true. I have a friend and a roomate that deliver for dominos and they both smoke daily.
  8. re-read what he wrote, he said "weren't"
  9. To be honest, unless the pizza guy is <18 or an obvious college student, I wouldn't cut the pizza guy any slack whatsoever. He's working there for a reason - he's a dumb ass. I've worked fast food before, it's not as hard as people make it out to believe. There's absolutely no reason they shouldn't be doing their job correctly.

    Doesn't really sound like your friend was doing anything wrong. The call to see where the pizza was may have been a bit premature, but did the guy tell you like 15 or 20 minutes? Can't really imagine your friend getting "paranoid" at the pizza not being there at 30 minutes after you placed the order if the guy said it was going to 45.

    And it's absolutely disgusting that you ate it, regardless of how stoned you were. I would have taken that pizza right back up the shop, disposed of it "properly", gotten some names, whooped some ass, and left. Then I would call up and have those mother fuckers fired. People are fucking stupid, get over it - no reason to spit in their food, after all their business helps the company pay you.

    My brother and a friend both pretty much ran a Dominos for about a year. One was the morning manager, one was the night manager. They smoked both outside of work and when working.
  10. I would be up in mother fuckin dominos trashing the place and BEATING THE LIVING FUCKING SHIT out of the peice of shit mother fucker I talked to on the phone. I would go to fuckin jail that night.
  11. Yea..that is pretty fuckin nasty that yall ate it...
  12. I almost threw up reading that
  13. I can't believe you ate the pizza even after you realized there was spit all over it.
  14. I have never heard anyone say that working fast food is hard. If somebody said that I'd really know they were stupid. But not everybody that works fast food is a "dumb ass," as you put it. Really, just think about shit before you say it.

    But yeah OP, that shit is nasty, and your friend is a douche.
  15. what the fuck were you smoking???
  16. kick there asses. Dont take spit from nobody.
  17. That's fucking disgusting, it puts such a bad visual in my head lol
  18. Youre right, theyre just fucking slacking losers.

    And I got MAD reading that, had it happened to me... Ugh, I pity the fool.:mad:
  19. No, they aren't that, either.

    Maybe some of them are, but the fact of the matter is, especially in this economy, many people can't find jobs anywhere else. Not everybody working in your local fast food joint is the scum of the earth.
  20. Ugh that's straight up nasty.

    Whenever me n my boys order domino's we always have a 30 minute debate about who's ordering lol.

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