Spiritual Practice & Life Balance

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  1. Does anyone else find something similar to this?

    When my spiritual practice is active and consistent, daily life goes a lot smoother. There is less stress when things go wrong, and a better frame of mind when considering those things. Life seems more precious than simply hustling to pay bills & run around in the rat race.

    When I neglect spiritual practice, life becomes a whole lot more hectic & can turn to vices or distractions, unhealthy habits, wasting time to kind of numb feelings or escape. Share your experiences
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  2. The question is...why are there times when you neglect your practice, when you know that doing so makes life more hectic?

    One can say we tend towards distraction; it is a habit that many of us fall into. Thing is, a habit is something you do kind of unconsciously. Once you know you do it, if you keep doing it is no longer a habit but a choice.
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  3. We suffer when we do not live our truth. Once you know truth, there's no going back.
    Doing anything else other than following your true nature will always keep you away from your true power and full potential.
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  4. Yes i noticed this years ago... i call it self sabotage but it is "ego sabotage".. the ego really doesn't exist, it is a make believe conceptual construct that was shoved down our throats for thousands of years.. this in an attempt to "think your way through life and become all that you can be"... lol

    Yet part of it's nature is "clinging" and "resistance" which is also a form of clinging...
    Nothing (No-Thing) short of awakening to the Higher Self will satisfy yet the egoic ID is deathly afraid of this happening as it fears it will die... it won't entirely but it means it can't act out all it's dramas and continue to dupe us that it knows best..

    Fact is that spiritual practices can become boring or we take them for granted feeling we don't need them as we haven't noticed any recent progress.. i find maintaining the same routine difficult so i switch them around some, not totally embracing a single method or lineage...

    One living master stated that "habits are our biggest obstacle to Enlightenment" and i feel no truer words were ever spoken... May i suggest that anyone who hasn't to watch some videos from "channel higher Self" on youtube... recently found it... there are tons of them, no rules but makes sense based on all the schools of thought i've studied over decades.. btw, he doesn't claim to be a guru or channel but refers to his higher self state when he slips into the guided meditations or channeling. i posted a video recently under philosophy.
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