Spiritual Healing through prayer, man O man

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    The mom of the young lady in the press who is dying from an inoperable cancer has decided to kill herself in a Right to Die state. I wish her the best and support her decision fully. her mom made a curious comment. during an interview She stated and I paraphrase, when she learned of her daughters prognosis, "Those who can't accept the truth make up fantasies." In her next breath she talks about prayer and knows she will see her daighuter in heaven. A common irony in thoughout the world.
    The next story is sad and I hope little Chad does not endure a lot of pain as the mother seeks some solice in her prayer. These cases made me wish I were wrong about prayer and its healing powers. I just hope mom does not stop medical treatment, even if he is healed and she sticks the power of prayer stick in the eye of skeptics or non-believers like me.
    Stories like this truly make me wish I was wrong and I hope the prayers do heal their inner mind or spirit. So embrace those close to you and enjoy every minute, this one life is too short to be miserable and to make others unhappy and sad.

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    Like the idiots down here in the south that 'pray for rain'.
    fucking morons hahaha
    Not saying praying/meditation is bad...its just...
    its not the answer.
     of course finding the answer may be next to impossible. but damn.
    its silly to think its going to fix any problem. its just more of a positive influence imo. like a subconscious positive influence.
    my coffee is keeping me from thinking clearly enough haha
  3. Your coffee is fine, I will pray for you get a good cup of 4Buck$ today!
  4. their coffee tastes like shit laced with drugs.
    Im not trying to tweak
  5. LOL, sorry it is part of my wry sense of humor.
  6. Those are too mainstream.
  7. Jus messin' widjah, don't choke.
  8. Prayer and meditation are two very different things.

    "I'm to drunk.... To taste this chicken"... - Talladega nights

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