Spiritual experiences while high etc.

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by grand_wizard8, May 13, 2004.

  1. Has anybody ever had any spiriual brekahrouhgs hile high?
    I did, I got the highest I've ever gotten ,adn I climbed a tree, and sat there meditating. Biggest Change in my fucking life. i'm not dependent on weed for spiritual shit, but I know I connected with mother earth. It was the deepest psychic shit ever. i'd reccomend trying meditation on your own, and getting fully used ot it, and then trying it stoned at least once. It's good fun, nad meditation is good for you too.
  2. u should try meditating on psychedelics sometime. I spent an entire amt trip... roughly 20 hrs. meditating once... extremely hard to stay focused but the benefits were amazing. I felt super up for weeks and I really appreciate everything so much more when i take the time to reflect on stuff.
  3. Every time I get high it's a mystical experiance... but I'm heavily into meditation and mental evolution, especially through music.
  4. i've meditated a few times after smoking . one time i swear i saw buddha (with my eyes closed of course) sitting next to a tree (couldn't tell what kind it was) and meditating. it was red, blue, and yellow and it was like the colours formed shapes and the shapes i saw this one time were realistic.
  5. I did it once in a tree and felt super connected to nature ever since. It is hard to ofcus while high for me, but I think If I try it after only a few hits, then it would start to be easier, and I could work my tolerancelevel up from there. I think meditating while high strengthens your ability to meditate and other shit, b/c it is another barrier to get past.
  6. what do u do to meditate? Just relax?

    sorry just wondering because ive never done it before, im not a real religious guy

  7. meditation isnt religious, its just deep thinking and finding yourself and well...just thinking about everything
  8. ah ok gotcha...gonna try it next time
  9. ...or thinking about nothing. nothing at all...

    try that sometime,


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