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  1. Post your Spiritual / Religious beliefs. Whether you believe in God , if you believe in an afterlife or not , if so then how do you think it'll be ? How do you think it would work ? Does the universe necessarily have to have a creator ? Do you believe in reincarnation , or eternal limbo .. Do you think the morals you posses on earth reflect your fate in the afterlife , if there even is an afterlife ? So toke up and post up. I'm really curious to hear everybody's thoughts.
  2. whoo! First!

    what i feel? that there's way more to this existance and reality than what we can concieve with our minds and percieve with our senses... that we're all connected in ways that we haven't been able to discover yet... that Love is one of the purest states in the universe... that everything is energy... and that we are all god.

    more than that and i'll have to get back to you some other time ;)
  3. I just posted this in another thread so I will just copy and paste it with a few adjustments, I am also curious to read other peoples beliefs.

    I dont believe in anything supernatural, I dont believe in ghosts, and I dont believe in psychic powers.

    I DO believe is that there are some forces in the universe which we do not know about or quite understand yet. I do believe in extra terrestrial, whether they have visited out planet or not I do not know, but the amount of galaxies there are in the universe and the fact that our next door neighbor Mars is very close to being able to support life, it seems ridiculous to not believe there is another planet out there that has even a single organism on it, walking life or a single living cell. Even if anything on this earth may not be able to live in a certain condition, life can adapt.

    I believe black holes are the key to everything and the big bang. I also believe there are more universes than ours, or rather something behind ours, not super natural or a creator or anything of that sort, just something we cant quite see like different dimensions or something. Nothing that effects our everyday life other than spending time thinking about it.

    I am atheist, very atheist if one wants to classify me but I dont like to be classified, I hate religion in general, it causes nothing but death, and divides people rather then bring them closer together. I hate when people say atheists are just as dumb as theists because you cant prove god exists just like you cant prove god doesn't exist. The funny thing is you cant disprove a negative, if something isnt there you dont have to prove it isnt there, it not being there is enough proof. If I say prove to me I am not standing in front of you right now, your gonna say what do you mean I can see you are not standing in front of me or even in the same room as me right now, and I say well prove it, you are going to think I am nuts.

    And I agree with reallyred EVERYTHING is just energy, actual energy, not supernatural forces energy.
  4. Nice. Keep the replies coming everybody , how do you think the universe functions and what happens after life ? I personally believe that the universe is stuck in a continuous cyclic existence. Once the universe can't expand anymore it hits a brick wall and fucks out , rapidly contracts into less than the size of an atom where another big bang will occur and the cycle continues. On top of that there are an infinite number of universes so every outcome can , has and will happen in the existence of everything , our multiverse. Once the essence of the individual -the soul- has entered the spiritual realm , perhaps another dimension on its own , We're not part of the universe but the very universe itself - since everything in a cyclic existence must flow into one another. We will instantly be able to obtain any information in the multiverse , anything that can , will and has happened.
  5. My spiritual beliefs are that spritual beliefs are religious and religious beliefs are spritual.

    Religions are spiritual.

    Spirituality is religious.

    All is one, Infninitely. (<-My religion)

    I think the universe creates order through chaos, and when you die you wake up.
  6. I dont see how there couldnt be anything after life. there has to be something.

    i dont know what to believe about god. maybe there is a god. maybe not.

    i believe that everyone is born knowing the basic differences between right and wrong. some people choose to further develop their knowledge, and some people choose to ignore their sense of morality.

    I guess that when we die, or when the world ends, we will finally have all the answers, but for now I'm just fine with not knowing.
  7. I agree with you all the way until the above part...

    It is not when we die, we find the answer, it is NOW.

    While we're still alive...

  8. I get what you're saying... I agree with you every word. Except I use different terms.


  9. I dont see why its so hard to believe there isnt anything after life. We may be special in the way we evolved to the point where we are conscious and can reason, but it doesnt make us much more special compared to any other animal when you think about the size of the universe. I think the we stars, and galaxies, and the way our universe was created is a lot more complex than our lives here on earth. I think its hard for some people to accept nothing will happen when we die because we live our whole lives conscious (or at least from where we gained consciousness after birth to our death) and cannot fathom a period in which we are not. The truth is we may be special in our intelligence, but we are not different in the way that everyone at one point will pass. And in that sense we are no different than an ant, or fish, or anything that is a live. Believe what you want, but we dont assume there is anything after life for the ant, fish, or anything else that is a live, why would there be for us?

    That's an interesting thought. I think that the start of our universe is a black hole. No one has any idea what happened before the big bang, and no one has any idea what happens after the event horizon of a black hole, to me putting them together kind of makes sense. The big bang started with a singularity and kept expanding, when a black hole is formed, the star collapses into a singularity and sucks everything in. Maybe it sucks everything in, breaks it down to a single particle, and shoots it out into some other dimension/universe which is how we get all the stuff in our universe. Now I in no way do I have any credentials to assume this is right, we both may be WAY off but I enjoy thinking about these kinds of things.

    The funny thing is though that even if we discover how OUR universe was formed, we wont even be close to figuring out how the very first thing got here, whether its the first universe, first black hole, god, what ever, how it got there. Some people may be satisfied never knowing, but I sure as hell want to know and I wont stop trying to find out till the day I die, even though I realize there is a 99% chance I wont found out in my lifetime, if we get one step closer in my lifetime I will be satisfied.

  10. I like the way you phrased that. I think that we are all gods. We are the children of this vicious cycle that we call the universe. We are those who have risen to be out of this infinite randomness. We are the most significant dot in this solar system because we have one rare quality: life. We live in a paradise, an ideal. We ARE the paradise, the ideal. I like to think of it as another incredible miracle given to us by our beautiful universe. I believe that we, as a unified race, must grasp the magnitude of our very existence and proceed accordingly. We are gods

    I'm with you. But I'll put it this way…

    What most people have difficulty grasping is that death is just a consequence of life, and with that being said, life is just a small thread in the grand scheme of things. The universe is much more powerful than us, it doesn't matter how ‘special' we think our consciousness is. To believe that there is an equally ‘special' set of rules for us after we die is flawed. The universe is large and strange. Bounded by rules but defined by its unbounded randomness. These rules can control things such as orbital spins, stars collapsing, the universe expanding, etc. But we are the curveball, a miracle that rose from nothing to form everything. I don't think that the universe has a plan for the conscious mind. There may not be a happy ending but the journey is worth it. Thought process and the ability to intake and comprehend data is a privilege not all molecules get to experience. Enjoy it before you return to an existence defined by singularity. You are special, maybe too special.
  11. I don't know about yous, but next time I'm coming as weed...
  12. I am an agnostic that finds spiritual comfort/ guidance from the phrase "The Sun is my god, and the world my Shrine."
  13. afterlife? damn hahaha i believe in it..

    i think that what we living right now is more like an illusion just so real you would feel it and once you wake up from that illusion, you come to reality which is nothing other then box buried under and that reality is so real you won't run away from.
  14. I believe that everything originated from a single source, meaning everything that exists contains a part of that original "source." So ultimately I believe that we're all connected, not only with eachother, but with the universe and everything that exists.

    I haven't quite figured out what I believe our purpose on Earth is. The reason for humans existing at all. I tend to think it is so that we can all experience reality subjectively, and at the same time connect with eachother, empathize with eachother, and love eachother.
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    I would like to say I believe in something. Believing in nothing just seems so empty. Forget the Bible and forget what you have been taught. Now forget any past knowledge of any religion you have ever heard about. Now walk outside tonight and look up at the stars. Feel the air around you. Light up that joint and as you smoke, think. What you come up with is your belief. And yours only. Which should make it the only one that matters. And it will be something you investigated, and you felt , and you can call it your own. And in my opinion, when all those steps above have been taken, you can only then have real, pure, intelligent, faith.
    Like me.

  16. I agree with that, believe in what you want, what ever it may be, make sure its what you believe in, not something you read in a book or someone told you to believe.
  17. And so easily are we misled simply by being led by others. One thing I have learned in life is that if your walking down a path and the only reason your on that particular path is because you saw someone else walking down it then your going the wrong way.
    As children we follow adults because we think they know what they are doing. Then we become adults ourselves and realize that no one has a clue.
  18. I believe that there are two types of things in the universe, matter and energy. When these two things come together we get life. Our bodies are the matter, and they are animated by the energy (our bodies are controlled by electrical impulses after all). When we die the energy begins to "leak" out which is why after someone dies (heart attack, etc) you only have a brief chance to bring them back to life before all the energy is gone. Energy can not be created or destroyed, it merely changes form (law of thermodynamics). When we die our body (the matter) goes back to where it came from, and the energy is released back into the universe as it can't be destroyed.

    Maybe the energy is able to come back and animate another body (reincarnation), maybe not. Maybe after the energy is released it is able to manifest itself as pure energy (ghosts), maybe not. Maybe after we die it's game over and nothing happens, maybe not? The universe began in a singularity, so in a way, we are all connected at some level. Either way, when we die we become one with nature again (conscience of it or not), just like we were before we came into existence, and the cycle moves on.
  19. My spiritual belief is that there are only two things in our earth, good and bad. Anything in this world that has its relations with bad should not be highly appreciated in the spiritual world. Like languages for cursing words, the bad ideas of a human being, materialism, religions that cause judgements, or the government filled with money, greed, jealousy, and war. On the good side, true peace is only found through silence in the nature. Everything and even us(every molecule) are the energies that cause the accidents or miracles. If we have had a quote, "WE AS ONE," then plants, wind, water, trees, and ALL in nature should be respected.
    Movement is what causes the bad energy.
    A whole country meditating can make a huge difference. It has been said that Marijuana is a cure for the sick, but anyone in this world can use marijuana. Sick is of course part of the bad, because GOD would never want illnesses if he wants everyone to live in peace. Bad: illnesses, depression, bleedings, murders, fear, or even stress is all listed as one. Therefore, with the right mindset a long w/meditation, a depressed or even schizophrenic can smoke into a peaceful state with moderation and believing in our guides. It's all just patience and trust that keep peace. This type of topic is so hard to describe in words since in a true spiritual and peaceful life/afterlife, silence is our most powerful energy.

    For example:
    There's swim, he's a schizophrenic who smokes marijuana just as much as the stoners do. He is aware that the trips and hallucinations he experiences are only the bad energies that flies in this world. If there were no war, like police cops, kidnappers, murderers, or even the monsters and creatures on tv, then his high would only be in peaceful state. Everything and everyone in this world is all connected, so things that are thought and shown affects the way how we all react to certain things. Though there is always a correct door to peek in.
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    I believe we are a part of a infinitely fractalling stream of not only consciousness, but energy as well. We connect matter and energy, but there is more in the universe than energy and matter. These could not be the only two forms that are in existence. I truly believe that if we knew EVERYTHING that was happening at this exact MOMENT, it would be like strapping a C4 to the inside of our brains and allowing it to go off. I believe we all rooted from one source of energy, but that source of energy is rooted in higher, larger sources of something else. What I'm trying to say that there isn't only one source, there are infinitely many bringing us together.

    The Universe as we know it could very well be the size of a pea to some other being. Everything that we think we know could all be completely off by miles. Our thoughts are led by some greater vaster intelligence that we are incapable of understanding. What we see and hear in it's true form is not what we think we see or hear. When we listen to music, we are listening to vibrations and waves coming from a source from beyond here. When we see nature, we are seeing vibrations and waves coming from a source from beyond here. Everything is vibrantly glowing with energy in everything's truest form. All matter is living essentially.

    We are not who we think we are, we know more than we think, we are stronger than we believe we are, we are connected to more than possibly imaginable, time is but an illusion. I am understating most of what I say, because there are not enough words to clearly represent the ideas of the universe. Underneath these words is a wave, a stream of energy traveling faster than we thought was possible, a stream that is entering your mind, your energy and connecting or re-connecting it to where it all came from.

    See, we think we know something but all we know is nothing. Do not pretend to understand the things that could not be understood. What I guess I'm trying to say is let go every now and then and let the natural flowing stream of the universe/consciousness/energy take over and buckle up because the ride might be hectic or calm. You just never know. Connect with the life forces, connect and attempt to communicate. Spread your source around, spread your energy around, spread your beauty around. Disconnection is impossible! Meditation only strengthens your source, your connection. If your connection begins to fade or die out, contact me. I am the connection of all sources, the connector of the connections as you may put it. Everywhere you go, you will see me, you will feel me radiating and pulsating through your being. There is nowhere you can go that isn't where I am. There is no voice that is not me. There is no sight that is not me. You are here and nowhere else. Focus deep within yourself and you will come to find a universe enormously bigger than the one outside yourself. You will come to realize that you are not alone, that you cannot run or hide, that you cannot be outdone by external forces. You are you, and that you is a lot more than just you.

    There is more than what meets the eye my friend, all friends. Come now and we will go to places you can only dream of, to places that you didn't even know existed. We will fathom what only supreme beings, and by that I mean ALL beings, were meant to fathom. Help is here to stay within each and every one of you. The light shall emerge from within and shatter all negativity, distress, and worries. You are welcome to come here whenever you'd like, it's not as if you can leave, only venture around. Remember, this cannot get old. You cannot rid yourself of anything you choose not to. If you choose to remain believing in fallacies, then so be it. Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.

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