Spiritual battles in your sleep

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  1. This last weekend I went on a camping trip and stayed in a cabin. The second night when I was sleeping in the cabin, I woke up completely disoriented, with a feeling of an intense presence near by. However, after the disorientation left, I realized there was an intense pain in my foot, so I reached over and turned on the light to see that my foot was bleeding.

    In my sleep I had wound up and kicked the cabin wall, likely as hard as I could, and now I still have a big bruise on the top of my foot and much of the skin near my big toe nuckle was worn off.

    The next day after this had happend I asked my friend asked me what the hell happend last night, because aperently I had let out a large cry, and then he heard a large banging noise. He also said that the night before I had let out a yell in my sleep.

    This event has left me in a little bit of a state of shock, as it seems as though I have been placed under attack by a spirit.

    The only thing that I can think of that could have caused this intensity of an attack to happen, is that the cabin which we were staying at was about 25 feet from where an indian body had been found in the beach sand. The lake which we were staying at had been an indian camp site for thousands of years, and is littered with indian artifacts, and actually the site where I was camping is owned by a christian organization. They routinely find indian artifacts and collect them in the main eating hall.

    I am naturally more sensitive to supernatural activity, and I have seen spirits in the past, however I have never been hurt by them.
  2. i'm no expert on this kinda thing....

    do a self check.

    is everything in your life as in tune with everything else as it can be? anything outta place? anything which would likely cause you to be targetted so?

    u say you're naturally more sensitive...
    i'll assume then that you've looked into various things people who claim sensitivity usually look into... like reiki n so on. a reiki session with a trusted practioner might clear things up. maybe theres some other messages beying conveyed? maybe theres a fight going on to exorsize some ill serving part in you?

    an attempt by yourself to contact these spirits yourself might help you to learn what their grevance is, maybe you can help them?

    heh, ever tried ayahuasca, peyote or mushrooms? whatever is most local would be most suited.... if you plan on going that far that is.
  3. I have not looked into reiki, and actually don't even know what it is. This is the second time in 3 months where I have acted out a violent act towards an evil spirit. The first time I actually jumped out of my bed took two steps and punched a window, after seeing a figure of a man looking in at me.

    Shortly after that I again awoke to a spirit, but this was different, it was in the morning, not during the night, and it was a spectacular sight. The man had a kingly presence with long dark wavy hair, and I awoke to him sitting on the head of my bed. To him I did not feel any fear, and did not even think about doing a violent act towards him. I felt unworthy to him, and was trying to formulate a sentance to adress him with, but could not find the words. As I was watching him he faded away, leaving me awstruck.

    As for mushrooms/paote/ayahuasca, I think I would have the easiest chance of finding mushrooms. I have normally been hesitant about taking them, as I did not want to take them as a form of recreation. However, I believe I am now at the place in my life where i need guidance, and would be in the state of mind to do them.
  4. could be a night terror?:

    Night terrors are distinct from nightmares in several key ways. First, the subject is not fully awake when roused, and even when efforts are made to awaken the sleeper, he/she may continue to experience the night terror for ten to twenty minutes. Unlike nightmares, which occur during REM sleep, night terrors occur during slow-wave sleep, the deepest levels of non-REM sleep. Even if awakened, the subject often cannot remember the episode except for a sense of panic, while nightmares usually can be easily recalled. After the night terror is complete, it can often result in a seizure, which is commonly a tonic-clonic type (although the subject may not be epileptic). The subject often has no recollection of the incident, nor the seizure.
    Unlike nightmares, which are frequently a scary event dream (e.g. a monster under the bed, falling to one's death, etc.), night terrors are not dreams. Usually there is no situation or event (scary or otherwise) that is dreamt, but rather the emotion of fear itself is felt. Often, this is coupled with tension and apprehension without any distinct sounds or visual imagery, although sometimes a vague object of fear is identified by the sufferer. These emotions, generally without a focusing event or scenario, increase emotions in a cumulative effect. The lack of a dream itself leaves those awakened from a night terror in a state of disorientation much more severe than that caused by a normal nightmare. This can include a short period of amnesia during which the subject may be unable to recall his name, location, age, or any other identifying features of themselves. This state generally passes after only one or two minutes.
    While each night terror is usually different, all episodes of the same person will generally have similar traits. One of the most common qualities of night terrors is a strong sense of danger. For these people there is always a being (similar to a doppelgänger), tangible or otherwise, who wishes to hurt the sleeping person, or the sleeping person's loved ones. Many sufferers of night terrors are reluctant to speak of them because of their violent and often disturbing nature.

  5. Yeah good stuff chronic toker, when i read this that is what kept coming to me 'night terrors, night terrors, night terrors'

    spirits... heh

  6. ^ that quite concisely typifies my approach to that word for years too. then i stopped kidding myself that i was open minded and actually opened my mind. ever gotten into the spirit of things? the truths are carried in our language subtly in ways too often taken for granted.

    i aint sayin i'm a believer, (nor disbeliever) those who know me know i dont and wont. believing strikes me as a rather closed minded thing to do. :D whether its just psychelogical, or if there truely is a mystic/magic/spiritual/etheric plane/thread/realm/dimension running through this reality (whether perceived or not), doesnt really matter to me. But i'm not so crass as to be arrogant enough to automatically dismiss "anecdotal evidence" simply because it seems implausible, rediculous, incredulous or impossible. heck, some ways the language winds it, the dream world and the spirit world are one in the same. saying spirits dont exist in such case would be like saying dreams dont exist. and i'm fairly confident you'll have remembered at least one dream in your lifetime. ;D

  7. fucking shit man! no joke - this shit scares my asshairs back in my anus man, im tellin you!
    So i'm up at night all by my self, nobody else around but me, blazed as a mutherfucker on shrooms and dubs- then i drift- fall asleep, ka cha cha cha cha, all of a sudden i'm frozen , cant move a fucking finger! tryina scream! but fuckall comes out, my lips are stuck together and i'm like shit! wtf's going on! then all of a sudden i feel a shadow on the other side of the bed, cant move, i cant even fuckin look to see whats there, so i'm like mhm mmnmm!!, then the fucking thing makes me start hearing whispers in my ears and shit! and i'm like "g0pher - meet your creator! ahhhh! i'm an atheist! okay sorry sorry forgive forgive - phew okay now take me!:smoke: when that didn't work, i then try my hardest effort just to move my finger or something just at least to see wtf's going on, then i woke up - scared as fucked, and do you think i went to sleep again that night? fuck! packed my blankets, logded on the couch and downed 4 coffees straight. This shit's no joke. and the worst thing is is that its just you making yourselft scared with your scary imagination! night terrors - no thanks, i'll opt for a nightmare anyday man:smoke: haha
  8. fuck dudes. thats where discipline really counts. whooh! thats some scary rotten shit assed imagination there. discipline to be calm in the face of anything. a solidly rooted affirmative to the serene. ya. whooh, fuckin imagery dude, maybe you should put less toxins into your experience, maybe you'd get less toxins out of your experience. might feel nice to try it out see if it is likeable. clean vibe, clarity, sobriety. fuckin luvs it i do.
  9. So I have night terrors hey.... Hmmm yep I guess so. But if you really think about it, describing the situation, and then naming it does not solve the problem, as there are still the following questions:

    A) Where the problem comes from
    B) What it means
    C) How do you stop it
    D) How does it start
    E) What is it's purpose

    And the list could likely go on.

    I find this is one common thing among people that don't look to find meaning in their life, everything becomes random coincedences with no meaning or purpose. I have explored that argument to the fullest of my comprehension, and finally realized that even when a purpose is random, a coincedence it is still a purpose.

    What am I trying to get at with this? Every event in your life can be a life changing event if you can see the hand of God in it, but who determines wether you can see the hand of God; it is you (ego) who has the decision to make wether he is looking for the hand, but it is God who has given you the (ego) ability to make the decisions.

    The answer to this riddle is simple, God has given us all a soul (ego) which constitutes a piece of him. Because we have only been given a piece of him, we are not complete, he is complete (super ego). However, if we use our (ego) abilities, he is able to give us more abilities, if we do not use our abilities to his purpose, they will not grow.

    Once we have grown our soul to the point where we can understand that random ocurrances are the Word of God, we become interested in what the Word is saying and since, there exists the internet, I am able to post my random occurances on the internet so that individuals who have been given the gifts to understand them (or the piece of God to understand them) will be able to understand them and clarify the Word of God to me.
  10. Psalm 91:5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

    Isaiah 54:14
    In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee.

    Ezekiel 21:12
    Cry and howl, son of man: for it shall be upon my people, it shall be upon all the princes of Israel: terrors by reason of the sword shall be upon my people: smite therefore upon thy thigh.

    Ezekiel 32:32
    For I have caused my terror in the land of the living: and he shall be laid in the midst of the uncircumcised with them that are slain with the sword, even Pharaoh and all his multitude, saith the Lord GOD.

    I think after looking up these passages, that the terror is vested on the living from them that are slain with the sword. The native americans were defenetly slain with the sword (and more). To feel their terror in an area where they had been living peacefully is not a far fetched proposition I think.
  11. i personally don't think i could explain all of those questions in a great answer,
    could be spiritual guidance, ponder about that for a while.
  12. Every event in our lives is a result of random chance, a game of open probabilities and coincedences, God does not play a hand in our lives, he plays dice ,he is a silent observer and reminices on the musings of mankind, that is if he exists, I believe we're on our own man, playing a game of fools in this erternal spar with time, God is an abstract invention attributed to chance,

    jesus said "my father is always working..." but do we attribute chance and coincedence to the active workings of God? if so, then we do not need him. hence we cannot see him, he is just a game of roulette, rolling dice of open probabilities, see man the ball of prayer will eventually land on the spot requested - its gambler's ethic, whether its days or years it lands

    have you ever prayed for something so bad, and didn't get it? it put you down did'nt it. see - God let you down . and here we were thinking he was with us all along, so we went to church and heard the pastor say "God is testing you man! wait for your time!"

    My brother God is slow, and the only reason he is because there are patterns in our lives where chance and luck land on the ball together, WE atribute it to God - but is it really? years later you get the thing you prayed for, was it God who answered your prayer? i think not, you just got employed and bought that car.
    Logic and reason are the light to common sense my brother.

  13. I understand what you are saying here and you are right. However what you don't realize is that I believe that man carries a piece of God, which means that depending on our actions we can grow that piece of God so that we are more like him, or we can ignore it, so that that piece of God in us never grows.

    This is like any other part of our body, we must work on our muscles or we will never be strong we must work on our mind or it will never comprehend, and we must work on our soul or it will never come to fullfillment.

    I will not argue that logic and reason are a guide, however left brain thinking is only one of our abilities, we also have the ability for abstract thought and it is just as 'right' as logic and reason.

    God has very little interest in our material possesions, nor does he determine what we do with our gifts. We receive god every day, in fact we are a part of him; Other animals that live on this planet are not confused about who we are. When they see us they instantly recognize us as being a supernatural being, who's physical body is that of a demon, and who's soul is that of the everlasting.
  14. Why would we want to be more like the God of Abraham? It is kind of like admiring and wishing you could be more like Hitler.

    The idea that God has written everything is very depressing. There is nothing for us to do, our accomplishments are meaningless, our ideas are without merit, our lives are hollow and without merit. Really, there is no meaning in our existence if there is a god who wants to control all aspects of our life, as the Bible would suggest, while trumpeting the false-hood of our independence.

    I am a center-brain, let me tell you, reason and logic are way more important than wishful thinking.

    God does not exist in any way we have currently confined him too. We have no idea about God, no proof, no idea. We are clueless about our origins, and we shall remain that way until we die. Maybe, we will not even know then. If we were important to God, we would have a relationship with him, but we do not, why? Because, A) he does not exist or B) we are not advanced enough to hold a conversation with him.
  15. do i tell you that you dont have a relationship with your mother or father or anyone in your family? how would i know?

    not just me, but many christians worldwide have a relationship with God. and let me tell you, its a beautiful relationship filled with meaning beyond human comprehension.

  16. It is not beyond human comprehension. I had the same "relationship" once, I can honestly tell you now that the relationship was based on wishful thinking, and what others told me. I simply realized what it was and stopped deluding myself. In all my years of Christianity, God never showed himself to me, though often, I thought he did indeed show himself to me. At times I was so high on God it made cannabis seem tame. At times, I knew God and what he wanted. Then, I came to realize, that I did not know God, that all my beliefs and convictions were happy fairy tales that I told myself, that I spent a great deal of time convincing myself that it was real, even when I knew it was not.

    Now, I do not know if that is your experience, but I have known many Christians in my life, and I see that in all of them. In every single Christian I meet. I do not think that is simply some weird coincidence, nor do I think the majority of Christians I have met are vastly different from the others, no matter how much some would hope so. I have seen Christian programs on TV, I have seen Christian speakers from the other side of the world, I have listened to what the baptists have to say, I have been to mass, I have read and learnt about the Witnesses' and the Mormons... No, I am not clueless as to the nature of Christianity. I was not wrong during the years I followed it, nor were the people I saw who whole heartedly believed to their own downfall.

    You may have a faith I never encountered or had, but I find that unlikely. I see the same cracks in you that I have seen in every Christian I have met. Some who so desperately need to believe in it, they would literally do anything to "protect" their "faith". I have seen those who hang on by a thread, who beg god for help and faith to keep going, yet never get it. I have seen those who have begged god for help and faith and thought they got it, only to run out of steam a few months later.

    No, the relationship was in my head, the same kind of relationship that I would have with an invisible friend or Santa Claus. It was hard for me to accept that, it took many years, but eventually, I stopped deluding myself. I stopped believing in a fairy tale and realized, that no matter who we are or what we believe, we are all the same, scared, small, and seeking beings. We are not held in the hands of God, our fate is our own. We either stand up and determine our future for ourselves, or we hold on to dangerous notions and disregard the present problems because we believe that we will soon be in heaven and will have no need to worry about it. Our grandchildren will not have that luxury, we do not have the luxury to be selfish. We have done to much damage to this world, to ignore it in blissful ignorance. No, holding on to ancient beliefs does nothing but harm us, and those who are yet to come.
  17. I used to be a christian as well until I found God. Since then I am no longer a christian, and I believe that every religion, and every human being on this planet is able to have a close walk with God in their every day life.

    The reason why most people do not realize this is that they think that their creativity, competence and skills are given to them by genetics; while this is partly true, genetics does pay a major part, your genetics, as well as evolution, are like the engineering process at a radio manufacturer. They determine how much of the energy from God, and in what form, we are able to receive Gods energy.

    I know that this may sound silly to you, because many people believe that they are in control of their creativity and thoughts, and are not 'receiving' anything other than what they can see and hear. However, if you have ever received a vision, such as Nickoli Tesla's design of the AC induction motor, you will know that trying to collect information in a traditional sence by reading text books and sitting in lectures is a very inefficiant process.

    A much more efficiant process, for the people who have been given the capacity, or achievied the capacity to do so, is to meditate on the process and let the energy that you are receiving from God be your teacher.

    If you are attempting to understand God in terms of human structures and procedures you have already missed the boat. Missionaries who are sent to far off countries may never really understand God, and preach nothing but western culture, if they don't take time to have a personal understanding, and not worry so much about what they read/hear from people. Instead if they let God be their guide and really love the people that they are trying to 'save'; they will spend more time really helping the people that they are trying to 'save' rather than spending a futile effort of trying to change their culture.

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