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  1. Yo check this shit out... It was raining this one time.. and the ground wus really warm... which ends up creating steam... and when i looked at the steam carefully, i could see little figures walking / moving... i then realized that the steamy figures were dead people returning to their most favorite spots or homes to see their families... so yeah... just a theory.. if ur high and that happens think about it...

    haha, i got high today and my friends and i saw 2 atoms complete mitosis (have sex) and create a baby atom... on ITUNES VISUALIZER... just so u guys know
  2. haha dude your high as hell. Not a bad thing though because High and drunk theories are the most interesting theories so keep those stoned theories coming mother fucker?!!!!!
    haha im drunk off my ass
    im such a light wieght with alcohol

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