Spiral Flourescent Light.

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  1. n/m the link, it won't work.
  2. heres a web site that has lights and other stuff for plants


    hope it helps you!
  3. My spiral flourescent light is 26 watt bulb that has a 100 watt output. Is that good?
  4. what is a spirial flouro light???????
  5. Its a regular flourescent light but its in a spiral instead of being a long tube. But this one is said to be using 26 watt of power and 100 watt output.

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  6. ahhhhhhh,,,,,,ive seen those
    never tried one though
  7. Where did u get the bulb from and how much was it
  8. yes you can use it, it works pretty well, the more though the marrier. I have one of them, and 2 sets of 48inch flouros, and the spiral one works best, but my 48inchers are a few years old. Say if you had like, two or three of them on one plant you could go allright. Growth is really slow with flourescent lights, but its about the cheapest way to go. I'm going to buy two more of them spiral bulbs. You can get them at walmart and shit for like $5.
  9. The site i found taht light is at www.homedepot.com it's in the U.S.

    So it doesn't matter how much watt the flourescent light uses, it only matters on how much watt it outputs?
  10. so which is a better way to go spirial or with ballists?
  11. Out the door with spiral, in with HPS !!
  12. spirial flouros or florous in ballists i mean??
  13. I don't know, but I would think that the higher the watt the better with floros. I bet about 6 of those 100w spirals could work well w/ 2 or 3 plants for vegging. But for under $200 you can get this 400w hps.

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  14. then this happens!! sweet nectar of life! boooyaa!!

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  15. m just lookin for the cheapest wat to grow 2 plants for pesonal
    for when it gets dry
  16. i found it easier to just spend under $20 and i have 8 good plants going, but you do it your way. Naa i really wish i did have the cash for a MH and MPS bulbs.
  17. i think im gonna try some spirals

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