spinning plants?

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  1. So here is just a random thought. I read through pages of the forums and searched multiple times so forgive Me if I missed this being a previous topic, but as I am doing a stealth CFL grow and maximizing use of the lights I have is a main goal of mine, I have been thinking (and smoking) but what if instead of rotating the plant its self every so often, what if I could design some sort or a turn table that would take say like an hour or 2 or even 3 to rotate the entire pot and plant a full 360, that way the plant would get light from as many angles as possible and the small PC fans I have blowing on it to sternthen it would hit it from all possible angles constantly (or every hour or so) just a random high thought. Opinions?
  2. It;s an excellent idea! IMO. Check this out
  3. I shoulda known that I wasn't the first person to have a brilliant idea like that... Here I was thinkin I could patent that shit and make a butt load of money... But out of curiosity has any one ever DIY'd one of them or will I be the first? Not the exact hydro setup but just the rotating of the plant(s) ? Seems like it would be fairly simple...
  4. I haven't seen any. I think it would be good for a one plant grow. When they get bigger the branches could get tangled while spinning. If you had more than one plant they would have to be far enough away from each other so that the branches wouldn't touch. You might as well crowd more plants together and rotate them by hand, you'd get more of a yield. But, definitely good for one plant!:hello:
  5. I'm thinkin that as long as 2 of my plants are ladies I may set up 2 of my turntables i'm working on and just LST them to the turn tables... Like I said, trying to maximize potential in any way possible, even picked up 2 T5's to put on each side to help it bush out more.
  6. Sounds Like a good plan! Good Luck!!!:hello:
  7. 1,999 Dollars?! Fuckin' jokin me?

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