Spinning Parts? Practical Or Not?

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    Okay.. so I have an idea. I'm real medicated and I've been perusing ALT for awhile. Its amazing how far bongs have come, especially since oil became slightly mainstream (for good reason). I would obviously ask a glassblower if I knew one, but I don't.
    I thought of an idea that might not actually be practical at all, but if its possible...it would be so ostentatious it would be like owning a miniature giraffe.
    Could someone make a double perc bong.. or maybe even a recycler (i love them so much) where the top part of the perc (in the center) is connected to a hollow glass tube that is freestanding and able to spin.
    I'm thinking windmill type propellers that are horizontal. They would be super lightweight. They would be air powered when the toker inhales and would effectively spin the perc making it rotate a full rotation in the time it takes to inhale a 1/4 gram dab. 
    Or maybe the glass tube in the middle could have a tiny hole in the top on the right side of the tube and a tiny hole on bottom left side...would that do anything?
    Each part of the perc is a different color and glow in the dark/black light activated?! I want that. Is it possible?

  2. there's a few old school toro's out there that have a little propeller looking thing in there that spins when you take a hit and clear it
    I always worried about the moving piece shattering, giving the user a lungful of broken glass.... maybe if they made it between two percs, or even at the inlet on a stemless between the bowl and first chamber (there's probably a model like that by now). :)
  4. ^ is that really the best vid you could find of my Prop Tube up there? That was one of the first videos I ever did.

    I'm on my phone now, but I've got much better shots of that piece I'll add to this thread later if anyone wants.
  5. Wied420 always has the best glass. :D

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