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    Whats up guys, Im new to this site but was just looking for a place where I could maybe find an answer to my question. Anyway my friend is soon going to pick up about a half o of some weed from this guy and its a strain called spinal tap. Its one of his good friends from college friends from back home and has met and picked up from him a few times so he knows he's pretty reliable. My friend was a little suspicious though because after a lot of internet research he seemed to find no one mentioning of a strain called spinal tap. They told him they would have the sheet with the weed from the dispensary they got it from when he goes to get it. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of this strain? Its supposed to have around a 18% thc content and around a 2% CBD content according to them. I just don't want my friend wasting his money on a "fake" strain. Any help is appreciated.

  2. Most "Dealers" just make up a strain or get the strain name from someone who made it up. Its a downside of not having a regulated market. But if this guy has a sheet saying it this Spinal Tap strain and no internet results come up its probably a cross of two random strains from the dispensary and thats why no one has heard of it. But as long as its good bud who cares about the strain?  :bongin:
  3. will it make the movie even funnier than Rob Reiner made it to begin with?!?!?
    but ya, a dealer can use the word "White" then use a noun, say"Thunder" then attach a verb. "Fuck."  White Thunder Fuck sounds like a badass strain!! it'll get you soooo high.
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    Thanks for the response man. That makes sense though, I don't know to much about dispensaries so I didn't know they can just make up their own strains but thats pretty cool though. Hopefully its a mix between something good  :smoke: . Yeah your right as long as I'm not passed out 30 min into smoking it I'm fine with it haha.
  5. fuck a strain name - look at the shit before you buy it and throw an offer at the dealer.
    '13's gonna '13 i guess.
  6. I always laugh at my dealer when they attempt to tell me a strain name. Usually it goes something like them telling me they just got some bomb ass trainwreck or green crack or whatever the name they wanted to make up that day, and then I laugh as I look at the scale and hand them my money. Then I say thanks for the dank, and walk out on my merry little way.
    As long as it is good bud, I really don't give two shits what my dealers say it is. They could tell me it was grown by santa claus and all I care about is if it is good bud or not. Shit I don't even really taste much difference between strains besides here and there a little bit. Until I am buying it from a dispensary where I can be as picky as I want about the strain, I will not give two shits about what my dealer says it is. I will never take their word for it to be honest, it is just impossible to know for sure 
  7. there can be a huge difference between strains, indicas, sativas, and hybrids can all have different effects.
    you just can't trust most dealers. but you can always trust your eyes and judgement.
    like the two strains you mentioned, trainwreck and green crack? totally different strains. green crack is a sativa, very psychedelic. trainwreck i don't know well, probably a hybrid, but probably indica dominant.
  8. yeah, dealers use names to hype up their product and get more money from it. I usually don't take their word unless I can prove it using strain review websites. My main guy mostly has strain buds but sometimes he gets no-name that is just as good.
  9. Ugh I hate when dealers make up strain names.
    My last pickup the guy told me Grandaddy purple, which is a strong indica.  Instead it was some VERY strong sativa which triggered my anxiety.  I can only smoke indicas so it sorta ruined my purchase.
  10. Last time i was picking up from this same guy he had a strain called jupiter............now that shit knocks you out cold. I smoked it right after I picked it up and fell asleep for about 5 hours waking up at about 10:00pm. Smoked it again an hour later and was knocked out for the rest of the night! I guess some strains get their names for a reason cause I was on Jupiter!!!
  11. I guess it also had a 4 or 4.5% CBD content which I heard is pretty damn high and the reason it knocks you out. Very good indica strain for insomnia

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