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Discussion in 'General' started by Rivera, May 12, 2011.

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    So I go to fridge and pour me a cup of that cherry kool aid, nice and buzzed, some one rings my phone, and suddenly the juice falls on the carpet, All I see is red all over and I just stare like... :eek: "Really..." I always spill my drinks, and obviously sucks , especially when it's around a lotta people . Tell me bout some times u spilt ur drink. (especially if high) no BS either im tryin to hear some funny stories
  2. Its only bad if its something that stains the living hell out of your carpet like your cherry kool aid lol
  3. I had a friend who'd knock over the bong like 4 times in one night. :[
  4. lol I havve bad habit of knocking stuff over my self lol
  5. ahahaha i often do dumb shit like this. Most of the time it goes like this. Pour a glass of something. Turn away to screw the cap back on. Turn back, forgetting my glass is right there and fkin swipe it over. thehhe

  6. exactly, luckily it came out though
  7. I can't even remember the last time I spilled a drink.

    I'm like the anti-klutz.
  8. I also have the genes of a ninja. :cool:
  9. depends what it is...
    juice yes..water yes..beer no, liqour no..im more cautious about what matters more;)
  10. Ive never spilled drinks..just dranks

    Coffee is the worst thing to spill cuz it burns
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  12. I split hot wax on my mom's carpet last night doing some incognito midnight toking. Just about shit my pants; never seen such a mess in my life.

    Then I hit up my buddy google and discovered the sickest thing EVER.

    Paper towel on top of wax + hot iron = wax melts then is absorbed instantly by the paper towel.

    Fucking awesome. :eek:
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    Daaaamn dude, I can't imagine how scared id be if that happened, good thing that paper towel and iron trick worked
  14. You think Kool-aid qualifies as juice? Wtf.
  15. Stoned the other night with friend...shes talking to me pouring some iced tea. She was so into whatever she was saying she was just looking at me talking while the drink was overflowing all over the table and spilling on the floor.

    She noticed when her feet got wet haha.
  16. spilling shit isnt that bad, unless it happens first thing in the morning while im half asleep, then it completely pisses me off.
  17. Or on nice clothes :(. I HATE staining my clothes.
  18. Same :/

  19. That shits called drank not juice

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