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Spilled my stash on the rug.. omfg

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pngwyn, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Ugh, I spilt about $100 worth of bud on the rug and now I recollected most I can I'm down about 1/3 of my stash, and its now also filled with cat hair/etc... is there anything I can do to salvage the stash?

    It's like 1/3 cat hair 2/3 bud... >.< I mostly vaporize.. I"m considering just leaving it in there and smokin it.. worst thing I have done with bud yet >.<
  2. Get a strainer and go to town!
  3. was it all ground up...?
  4. I do that all the time, shit sucks. Also I toke in my garage a lot and as soon as ground up weed hits that floor it's gone. I swear that shit blends right in.
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    Yeah, most of rug weed is lost forever from my experience.

    It was like $100 bud and about 6g of shake :S

    Also... my fuckin luck the jar hit my J-hook and broke it, good thing it didn't break the AC :S
  6. i can only ask why you ground up so much bud at once?

    but yeah that sucks, i've spilt the mix bowl on the carpet before, pretty much impossible to salvage much

  7. I think he said it was 6 grams of shake :)
    ..and yeah :mad: it's almost impossible to get ground weed out of a carpet.
  8. My friend gave me a killer deal on shake, I didn't grind it up.
  9. I would salvage as much as you can, and take some time with tweezers (and a magnifying glass if needed) and pull out the hairs.
  10. haha ive definitely been there before. Lucky i now have hardwood floors so its a lot easier to pick up, but still hard to get it all. Theres always going to be some sort of hair when you drop it. I cant even count the number of times ive smoked a bowl with dog hairs in it.
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    Get a vacuum with a hose... grab a thin shirt like a wife beater of something... put it over the hose with some slack so it sinks in about an inch... rubberband that bitch in place... and vacuum the rug.

    Edit: Also grab some tweesers or needle nose pliers (whatever feels right), put your bud under a bright light and pick the hairs out... should only take about 5-10 minutes.
  12. shit man, i consider it karma to me cause it happens to me sometimes, i just smoke it with the hairs in it haha im doing fine, shouldnt worry about it much
  13. Same kinda shit happened to me once. Was going to go burn with one of my buddies, we go to a trail in a forest and starting grinding the bud. He wanted to use my grinder to grind it, so he grinds it, puts the weed on the paper, and drops the grinder on the paper -.-

    All the ground bud fell onto wet leaves and mud and sand. I just looked at him in utter shock with a zig zag in my hand ready to roll.
  14. perhaps the best idea on the planet! great idea with the vacuum, wish id thought of that last time i spilled!:smoke:
  15. Thats sucks.. I spilled like a half gram that I just chopped up, yesterday... The carpet claims it now.
  16. I had about 2 grams of medical bud ground up on a folder on my shelf, and my cat was laying on it and I was like noo!!! I grently pick him up and get off him as much as I could so now I have a pile of cat hair medical bud, then he flips out and the folder falls out my open window, into the grass....

    and that I was saving that stash for 2 weeks intill I was back from a program


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