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Spilled ISO on my joint

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by soufsidetrappa, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Spilled isopropyl on my joint accidentally (kief situation, no need to keep going). Would it be smokable after it dries/ the alcohol evaporates?

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  2. I wouldn't risk it. If any is left, alcohol is extremely bad for you if smoked. And while it may evaporate in a day or two during an iso wash, I doubt it would dry out of bud quickly
  3. I would just let it sit out for a week. Your bud will be dry as shit but it will be fine to smoke. Since it will be super dry just put it in a bag for hard times.

    Kottonmouth Kings
  4. It evaps fast, its why people use it to clean pieces, because its not too harmful. As long as you didn't literally dip the j into it then immediately spark it. I don't see the harm in rerolling it just to make sure its not on the paper, but whatever
  5. smoke it when the paper is dry
  6. Perfectly fine soon as dry.
  7. go for it
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    You can check the iso for impurities using this old trick. Get a small, perfectly clean mirror. Lay it flat and put a few drops of iso on it. Let the iso evaporate and look at the mirror. Is there a ring, or any residue? If there is, do not smoke the joint no matter how long you let it sit out!
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    The isopropyl wont leave anything behind after evaporating except water so you're good!
  10. It will be very harsh
  11. Throw it in the over at 120-150 for 30 min

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