spill-proof pipe

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  1. Has anyone seen these before? It's a pipe with a percolator. I've heard that you can only get them in Oregon.

    Anyways thought it was pretty dope and yall should check this shit


    ^ mine ^
  2. Could you show more pics that thing looks sick!:eek:
  3. Thats sick, got any more pics? wheres the mouthpiece?
  4. The ones i've seen had 2 stems, and upstem and downstem. The downstem works like a normal downstem, the upstem was where the smoke went through. That way the water has to go through the upstem to spill and apparently it just doesn't do that... I've never tried one though, I don't see the big deal. Keep a water bottle with you, if you're gonna be using the same water over and over again you can just pour it back into the water bottle, its not that difficult. If you don't have a pipe, bubbler/whatever, then maybe this makes sense, but if you do, its just a waste of money in my opinion.
  5. i dont see what is going on lol
  6. Moar pics!!!!!!
  7. got it for free which makes it even better. you can put it in your pocket for a sneak-a-toke unlike a bong too. will take more pics when im not so blazed from using it
  8. Looks like the peculation pipe.
  9. I think this might be what the OP is trying to show. Or at least this is the only example of a "spill-proof" pipe that I know of. I got this, which I call The Chubbler for about $25. Cool concept, but hardly practical.


  10. Check this

    Pretty sweet.

  11. just saw those at green house glass last week. but they had some heady ass bowl ends on it so they were like 80. kinda high but they were tight,.
  12. dumb ? maybe but how the hell do u get the water out
  13. Its got a carb ;)

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    sicker than your average

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