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Spill Proof Bubbler Pipe?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by TekCK, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. I don't live anywhere near portland. So it looks I'm pretty much fucked unless they sell them online somewhere.
  2. Sweet. No red light spillage.
  3. i found mine at mary janes in southwest washinton its great. it needs no plug or anything, you just have to fill it up right. the thing hits really smooth, and its actually really easy to clean, fill with water, and empty. It was expensive and at first i regreted buying it, but now i love it. you just have to tell your friends not to blow into it to get the ass out, because blowing in it is how u empty the water. and the carb's in a goofy spot but i dont even care.
  4. Bump. Anyone know where I could get this online?
  5. Revived from the dead!!!!!!

    Instead of starting a new thread, I figure I'd bring it back to life. Does anybody have anything good or bad to say about this bubbler? I'm looking to get one and want to know if it's worth the cash.

  6. How about reading the review norml posted a few posts above
  7. Best $20 I've ever spent.

  8. my friend just recently bought one. and let me tell you it is in now way spill proof, it is spill resistant. it barely bubbles and you get water in your mouth every time, and since it holds such a small amount of water it tastes like shit. imo its a gimmick.
  9. Not sure which one your friend got, but there are two different ones that I saw, one has splashguards and the other doesn't. I got the one with the splashguards and I have to say it rips pretty hardcore, you can milk the hell out of it to be honest. I have'nt had any problems with water in my mouth, buds taste great, and the spill "resistance" is actually pretty nice. I've never ended up with wet pockets at least. I can't speak for your friend, but I love mine
  10. I just recently bought one, and I like it. I don't put as much water in, but it works.
  11. Only 45$ at outkastglass.com

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  12. They sell an updated version at outkastglass.com for 45$ they are bad ass no leakage and they hold more water for better filtration

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  13. Outkastglass.com sells the updated version for only 45$www.outkastglass.com
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  15. Youtube account Zig Zag glassworks. It says in the video description in the op. These are cool.

  16. Pocketbub.com | No-spill Glass Bubblers & Sherlock Bubblers has a lot of different varieties of colors and styles of this product. They have been around on the west coast for several years now and are the best no spill bubblers I've ever seen. They also have a version of the nectar collector and sherlock no spill bubblers as well!

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