Spill Proof Bong

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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrEIdKBnrkg&feature=related"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    Mad props to these guys :hello:
  2. The best part is he's not even smoking anything...he's just putting the lighter to the bowl.
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    He will make demo videos when their website (www . spilly . com . au) is launched (this month)
  4. When I saw the title I thought this would be stupid, but that thing is pretty fuckin dope, that would make a great travel/car bong.
    Where can I buy one if these?
  5. thats kinda neat.
  6. Pretty goofy lookin'; awesome car bong though.
  7. yo thats fuckin sick man
  8. thats good if your clumsy. but if your that clumsy that you spill your bong over that much you shouldn't even be smoking glass
  9. ...which is why it's not glass :rolleyes:
  10. looks like they put too much water in there
  11. I'm thinking some ingenius smoker could home make one of these.

    So that it doesn't leak out the bowl: Rig an aquarium aip-pump back-flow preventer thingy
    For the mouth piece: wedge a gravity fed gravel vacuum top in the neck of the bong

    One way air tube:One-Way Valve for Biorb and Biube - Air Pumps & Accessories - Fish - PetSmart

    Gravel vac (you can see the piece I'm talking of, it connects the wide tube with the narrow tube):Top Fin® Gravel Vacuums - Aquarium Maintenance - Fish - PetSmart

    points for whom ever sees my other hobby shine in this post
  12. Well if that little plastic bong is cheap it seems like a hassle to make your own.
    Its a nifty little invention you can just throw under your seat while tokin up on the road.
  13. it would be pretty sick if he took a hit while doin a backflip or something on a trampoline
  14. Dude, perfect little travel bong. I'd love one!
    Though it'd be nice if it came in other colors or something, or another shape, 'cause right now it looks like a child's toy. lol.

  15. i would have thought centripetal force acted on the water in the bong
    but that is a great marketing idea :D

    i like the idea of the spill proof bong and i'm sure it works great
    simple design and use of one-way valves
    i wouldn't buy one, but i think it is a great idea and many smokers can benefit from this product
  16. looks like a sippy cup but id still love to have one of those
  17. yeah fair enough it's not really much to look at but the concept of this is awesome :p
    as people have mentioned perfect little travel bong, :D

    and i'm sure there's plenty of variety on colours, shapes and sizes if these are in the shops :p
  18. is spilling your bong that much of an issue? personally i have never had any problems with it...i would rather just smoke out of glass than something that looks like its made for an 8 year old. cool idea though i guess :smoke:
  19. Gotta love the Australian way. Why be more careful with your bong if your clumsy when you can just get one that doesn't spill.
  20. Your buddy needs a hit and hes across the room? Just throw the bong to him! :D

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