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Spiking food

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by starguy, Dec 10, 2022.

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    Last edited: Dec 10, 2022
    So I have been making tinctures with 200 proof ethanol and I have been trying to make different edibles as well. I have found a very good peanut"budder" recipe and I also made some "funny honey".,All has been fun and good. I also made some coconut oil infusion which came out pretty strong.,
    Anyway what got me writing this thread was an idea that just came to me minutes after doing a 50mg dose of tincture that I added honey into.,about 4:1 tincture to honey.,This really takes most of the burn away for under the tongue doses.,
    The idea was to warm up the oil infusion and then using a dropper.,.drip a dose onto a cookie.,I decided to use this tincture instead and it absorbed right in.,I dripped it on the flat bottom in case it ran but it didn't.
    I had already done a dose but I ate the cookie anyway. I couldn't taste the tincture at all.,not sure if the results will be the same with tincture that isn't honeyed.,
    I think this could be a good way to dose for those not liking the burn or taste of tincture.,
    A question that arose is will it be an edibles or will the alcohol keep its properties and give it a "speedy delivery ".,I don't think I will be able to determine that today because of my previous engagement.,but I feel it may be a combination.,.,All comments are very welcome.,Best2all

    Edit.,This is a bachelor type thing for guys that don't do cooking .,.lol.,I bet the list is endless as to what prepared foods you can dose like this.,My first dose is definitely working.,:cool:
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  2. I used to make medicated Smarties and PEZ candies by dropping concentrated tincture on the candies. The alcohol would evaporate leaving the cannabis oil behind in the candy. They just weren't strong enough for me, but of course I couldn't put anywhere near a full dose on a few candies. My naive user friends liked them. Your cookie idea sounds good and I hope you'll let us know how they work when you get a chance to test them by themselves.
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  3. I was thinking if it changes tincture that normally I would take under the tongue.,.to an edible that easily.,. it could be a good choice to have.,
    Also using the oil like this is a way to introduce lecithin and its benefits into the mix.,
    So many ideas once you get started.,Thanks for looking.,
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  4. I tried another cookie today with a stronger tincture and it definitely works all good. It is a lot longer lasting than under the tongue.,
    I could taste this tincture but it was a small cookie and gone in a few bites
    I rolled a skinny joint and had a couple puffs but that's it and I have been cruzin all day. I'm waiting for my gummy supplies to arrive.,Best2all

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  5. I still haven't made the gummies .,I did some without spiking them and they were OK but then I found a "better recipe" that I haven't gotten to try yet.
    I have however been spiking food on a few occasions and enjoying the longer lasting effects. Honey is a great way to get the goodies into your system.,and an easy one to infuse.,but just dripping tincture on to a cookie or other treat is a pretty easy way to go as well.
    As stated before when you reduce your tincture it not only gets stronger.,it also makes it burn less which is good for not making the cookie taste lousy.,Or adding a little bit of honey right in the tincture does the same.,
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  6. I got some gummies made and they came out ok.,good texture and taste.I made them with juice,gelatine and infused honey.,This batch I made weak 5mg per.,they definitly work.I ate 4 and felt a mild buzz and slept very well.
    I also made jello and I squirted a dose of tincture into the cup before it set and it looks like it still set well. I will do one of these with breakfast.,test run.,Mello Jello.,About 25mg per. R we havin fun yet.,Best2all

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  7. My second batch of gumz I made with stronger honey.,not real sure how much is in it.,age and wisdom do not always dance together.,anyway.,I used a different flavor juice guava mango or some such and it's not as tasty as the pomegranate.,I am waiting to see how it works .,
    I decarbed 3 oz. last night and will have to make up my mind about what to do with it,.,but I know at least half will end up in honey.,making it "phoney".,.
    I like the honey turning my tincture into an edible with so many uses and a long shelf life.,I can spike lots of things with it or just eat a spoonful.,and it can be made pretty potent without tasting too nasty.,gumz are OK but I think I would rather just eat the phoney.,
    I am beginning to buzz here from the not so tasty sample..,wish me luck.,
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  8. I did make more "phoney".,First I made tincture with 2oz. of bud washed in 8oz of ethanol giving me 6oz.tincture after straining.,I took 4oz. of this and reduced it to oil.,then mixed it thoroughly with 1/4 cup of honey and then mixed this with warmed honey giving me aprox. 32 tbs. @ 140mg. of thc per tbs. which is enough to get MY attention most days.,I did a tbs. last night and sleep came easily.,
    After trying different methods of ingesting thc for recreational use I find this "phoney" the best for me .,or the "peanutbudder".,both are easy for me to make and easy to get the dose I want.,.
    Crushing the bud down enough to wash it good with less ethanol was key to being able to make a more potent tincture even before reducing it.,
    The remaining 2oz. of tincture is aprox 25mg.thc per squeeze without any reducing so I will leave it as is for micro dosing under the tongue or for spiking cookies.,
    I have come to realize that I can only "test" stuff so many times a day.,know what mean.,
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  9. I noticed some of my infused honey is separating from the thc oil which is sticking to the sides of the squeeze bottle. Other batches haven't done this.,not sure what I did differently.
    Today I decided to just warm up the honey (12oz)and pour the tincture (1oz) right in.,
    The guesstimated dose is 25mg.per tspn. I did 1tspn and although I could taste the ethanol it didn't burn or taste unpleasant.,just like honey with bite.
    I am trying different ways to get the thc into honey and not have it seperate.,Fun and tasty testing.,
    Any suggestions are always welcome.,Best2all.,
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  10. I don't exactly remember but knowing mrsilly he used the same BadKat hash oil to infuse the honey as he did all the condiments when we did the Challis Cup Cannabis event booth.
    Psam used high proof Tincture so either method gets it done.
    You need so little of the Kat hash oil it is barely detectable. With concentrate it has even less taste.
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  11. When I made THC honey from alcohol tincture , I kept low heat,magnetic stirrer on till alcohol was gone .
    I make it with powdered buds nowadays , if you let it go for hours the plant matter breaks down nice.
    Honey is our favorite.
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  12. Thanks for the reply.,do you have a recipe for your powdered bud honey? Not sure what you mean by "if you let it go for hours" Are you speaking of keeping it on heat?.,.
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  13. Your welcome,
    I take 20 g decarbed bud, grind it then mortar and pestle a little at a time , making it powdery add that to 2 cups warmed honey and 1/8 cup sunflower lecithan. I set hot plate with magnetic stirrer to 150° for 3-4 hrs. If wanted,I strain thru 2 cheesecloths,but it comes out the same potency for both.
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  14. This sounds interesting.,similar to the peanutbudder I make in that the weed stays in.,So now I wonder if I can bake the honey and bud powder like the peanutbudder at 325 for 20 minutes.,We are off grid so I don't use hot plates or electric utensils often.,especially ones that make heat.
    I have honey and I have bud so I guess I should give it a try.,Thanks again for your reply.,
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  15. The honey that I just added the tincture into has not separated yet. It does make the honey a little thinner adding 1oz of tincture/ethanol to 12oz of honey,.it seems like it would be a great natural cough syrup.
    The more I take of this batch the more I like it.,simple and effective.,
    So now I am going to try and see how much I can reduce the tincture making it more potent but still having enough ethanol to keep it from separating from the honey.
    I plan on small batches till I get the mix right.,50mg. of THC per tspn. is my goal for now.,Wish me luck.,
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  16. So far,everyone likes the honey best. I'm gonna freeze some for cough drops . Good luck!
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  17. I realized yesterday when I was reducing tincture that there is a point where there is no more alcohol but that it isn't feco yet.,The boiling stops being the fast little bubbles.,yet there is still liquid in the pan.
    I made a batch of tincture yesterday with 1/2oz of bud ground fine and quick washed in 2 1/2 oz of ethanol and ended up with 2oz of tincture. This is what I was reducing.,After a bit I measured it at 35ml. so I put it back on the stove and that's when I saw the boil change.,it was normal for a minute then it just kinda stopped like the heat was turned off. I measured it at that point at 25ml. I called it good and added it to warm honey.,
    Well this doesn't taste as good.,not horrible but not great.,lol.,It has a peppery kind of taste that washed away easy with juice. The math says with an 80% extraction it should have aprox 70mg per tspn. which I think is close judging by the buzz I got from it.,This was all accomplished between 12 and 4 am.,
    The point of the tale is that if you want to reduce but still have some alcohol in it that a 1/2oz of bud can be reduced to aprox 1oz of tincture before the alcohol is getting thin.,
    I will try this again for clarification and then I will add enough ethanol back in to make it more tincture like before adding it to the honey. Things to do in the middle of the night. Best2all.,
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  18. Another word on the "phoney" front. I had a 24oz. jug of honey that was infused with the feco from 4oz of strong tincture.,making the honey have aprox 140mg.THC per tbsp.This is one of the batches where I could see the THC stuck to the jug.,I turned it upside down and it all stuck on the bottom.,so I drained out the honey and added 1/2oz of ethanol to the jug.,warmed it up and it rinsed the jug perfectly.
    I warmed the honey and added the 1/2oz of ethanol/thc to it along with 1tspn of lecithin and 2tspn of coconut oil.,this all adding up to 1oz. more of liquid being added to the honey thinning it just a bit and making it darker,.(the lecithin is dark an thick like molasses). I did this at 3am. and it hasn't separated yet. I will test it later.
    Like the tinture there are 101 different recipes online for infusing honey.,I kinda made it 102 mixing up a few to make my own. My thoughts/reasoning are.,the ethanol may hold the thc from seperating.,the coconut oil is the fat the body likes to digest thc with.,.and the lecithin will help the coconut oil do it's job.
    The "phoney" I have made so far has all been effective.,.I hope to feel a difference with this batch an its added ingredients. Best2all.,
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  19. On Jan 22 I made a batch of phoney by just pouring an oz. of tincture straight into warm honey and so far this batch has not seperated. I do believe I'm on to something.,
    Also the batch from yesterday that I reconstituted with the coconut oil,ethanol and lecithin hasn't separated either. I did a tablespoon of it late but I was puffing as well and as the phoney was kicking in I called it a night.,2:42am.I slept well. As always comments and questions are welcome and appreciated.,Best2all from chilly Industry, Me.
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  20. So the phoney that I reduced to 25mg. in post #17 above was too strong to swallow.,I did a tbsp. and I couldn't catch my breath for a minute.,I have copd and emphysema so that probably didn't help but it made me a little nervous.,I ended up cutting it with more honey.,When I did catch my breath I had to laugh at myself.,Got it strong enough yet there cowgirl?
    Anyway I think I have found my favorite edible.,phoney on anything.,.
    I am thinking make tincture as strong as possible ( 1oz bud reduced to 2oz tincture) .,add along with a little cc oil and lecithin to xxx amount of honey to make a cordial of your desired strength. I will keep posting my results and mishaps.,Best2all.,
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