Spiked at school!

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  1. This storys from a few years back but just thought id share.

    So back when we were in school we used to always go for a few joints in one of the housing estates nearby at this sort of narrow strip of trees against a wall at one end of a field. Well one day we were out at break havin a few joints as usual when the inevitable cotton mouth kicked in and me not havin a drink asked one of the people who i was with for one. Me mate ste hands me a full can of coke an says he dusn want anymore of it so being cottonmouth to fuck I swamped the whole can in one gulp.

    Everything went fine we went back into school as normal. first class went by an I was normal then went into the second which was chemistry and my chemistry class was full of snobs that I didn't like so i always used to come in stoned an just sit at the back asleep. I walked down the back and sat in my normal space an tried to put me head down to snooze. after about 2 mins of tryin to sleep I realised Jesus Christ Im full of energy! den the pills started to kick in an I started to talk to everyone on my row which was very unusual for chemistry so they started to notice somethin was up.

    I sat there for awhile talkin very fast having a really good laugh when the teacher made me move up the very front row right infront of her. Me not knowing I was after being spiked didnt really mind so I moved up. I sat there for a few seconds just looking around the room and rubbin the table very fast when I just got the urge to go for a walk so i asked to go the toilet and walked out into the hallway.

    Walking around I ran into one of me mates that was at the spot at break and he just stares at me and was like "eh here man stall it into the jacks". we went into the toilets an he just starts laughin so im like " what ye laughin at chap." he kept laughin then says " ha ha did you take a can of coke off Ste at lunch?" I jus start thinkin bout it an then he tells me that one of the boys put 2 E in stes can not thinkin hed give it away.

    I went back into the class and went straight to the miss an got a sick note ha ha. I dont know how she didnt notice me eyes which were like big black cannonballs.

    So moral of the story? DONT spike people ha ha
  2. cool story, bro.

    cant imagine rollin' at school... :eek:
  3. Once at school a girl I know spiked me with 2 roofies, and 2 speeds pills...that bitch is crazy though i didnt know it, it hit me all at once.
  4. One time I was walkin' in my town and I saw this crazy dude runnin around actin all goofy so I kindly said to the man "Hey, what you on?" He said to me kindly, "Nice, shirt" I said "what? oh, yes, i love pink floyd" and he says, you know what he says? he says "YEEEE HAW"
    I was like "hahaha" he said "sorry im on crack" i laughed and walked away :D:D:D:hello::hello::hello::hello::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  5. Haha, damn OP, that's funny shit.

    I never got spiked in my life because I'm pretty cautious of what someone gives me, regardless of who hands it to me, I always smell it and pour it into a cup so I can actually look at the liquids color and contents, haha.
  6. so were the rolls good? and did you find out what kind they were?
  7. That shit pisses me off, someone would get rearranged if they put something in my drink without me knowing, or gave me a drink without telling me what was in it.
  8. i read that story in an irish accent.... then looked at the ops location haha
  9. so how did they spike a can if it was full and unopened?
  10. exactly my thoughts aswell. this story makes no sense.
  11. yeah i used to thizz at school quite a bit, actually that was the only place i thizzed. but fuck MDMA imo
  12. i would have just walked outta the school...fuck it man...and then just enjoy my free rolls lol
  13. the can was open he only took a few sups of it and I was told the pills were white mitsubishi
  14. haha sounds like fun
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA, excellent story
    Sounds like a fucking interesting day at school, good thing you didn't get caught lol
  16. what kind of sick fuck waists two perfectly good rolls on a complete stranger?

    and can i get his number?? :smoking:
  17. ha ha he wasn a stranger the e werent meant for me
  18. SHIT, why didn't I do that when I had the chance? In school? On e? Holy shit.....

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